Major Reservoirs by Inland Fisheries District

The Inland Fisheries Division of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department manages fisheries resources in the public waters of Texas. Each district office is responsible for several counties. District biologists monitor fish populations and make stocking decisions for waters within those counties. In addition to the major reservoirs listed below, district offices manage fisheries in rivers, streams, and small public ponds.

Boat ramps, lakeside parks, and reservoir dams are managed by other agencies or other TPWD divisions. For information on these facilities, follow these links to pages on each individual lake.

District 1A

District 2A

District 3A

District 1B

District 2B


District 3B


District 1C

District 2C


District 3C


District 1D

District 2D


District 3D


District 1E

District 2E


District 3E


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