2015 - 2016 Official Rules

1. Only Texas Residents are eligible to win and/or receive the Lifetime Hunting and Fishing License.

2. Current employees of Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and Gordon Darby and their immediate family members are NOT ELIGIBLE to apply for or win the Lifetime License Drawing.

3. Must be 17 years of age or older to purchase entries.

4. Entries are $5 if purchased online, by phone or at a license retailer (phone and online purchases require a per transaction administrative fee of $5). Applicants may purchase as many entries and enter as often as they wish.

5. Entries may be purchased by any of the following methods:
a. Online at www.tpwd.state.tx.us/buy/
b. By visiting any of approximately 1,800 retail establishments which sell Texas hunting and fishing licenses.
c. By calling toll-free 1-800-TX LIC 4 U (1-800-895-4248). You can pay with Discover, Mastercard or Visa.
6. Entries may be purchased for others but will require the person's name, address, date-of-birth, and social security number as applicable. Winners may also transfer the prize to a friend or family member.

7. It is not necessary to possess a Texas hunting or fishing license in order to purchase an entry for the Lifetime License Drawing. Winners must abide by all applicable Texas hunting and fishing laws and regulations.

8. One winner will be drawn on each of the following dates: December 30, 2015 and June 30, 2016. The deadlines for entering are midnight the evening of December 27, 2015 and June 27, 2016. All entries from August 15, 2015 - December 27, 2015 that were not selected as winners will be rolled over into the June 30, 2016 drawing. The last day an entry can be purchased for this license year's drawing is June 27, 2016. Entries for the next license year's Lifetime License Drawing will be available August 15, 2016. Winners will be notified within two weeks following the entry deadline. A winner has ten (10) business days after notification to accept/claim the Lifetime License package, which includes a Lifetime Super Combo License and a 1-year subscription to Texas Parks & Wildlife magazine, otherwise it will be offered to the next alternate selected in the drawing.

9. With the Executive Director's approval of a written request, a winner may transfer, but may not sell, the Lifetime License package.

10. Void where prohibited by law.

11. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department reserves the right to use photographs of and quotes from the winners in departmental publications and video presentations.

12. As part of the Lifetime License Drawing prize, all applicable taxes associated with your winnings are included as part of the prize package and will be paid on your behalf by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. In accordance with the Internal Revenue Service, Lifetime License Drawing winners will be required to file appropriate income tax forms as part of their personal tax return. Instructions and information necessary to complete income tax filings will be provided by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department upon acceptance of any prize package.

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