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Aquatic Science

A comprehensive aquatic science curriculum, from molecules to ecosystems, and headwaters to ocean, for middle school and high school students.
Texas Aquatic Science Curriculum
TAS Website
TAS Website
Aquatic Science
Biologist survey
TAS Teacher Guide
TAS Teacher Guide
Texas Aquatic Science Teachers Guide

Lesson Plans and Loaner Trunks

Lesson Plans and Loaner Trunks
More tools for the educational task.
Activities & Lesson Plans
Activities are coded E=Elementary, M=Middle School, H=High School.
Loaner Trunks
These trunks are available for loan free of charge to formal and informal educators, and youth leaders.
Ideas for Project-based Learning
Project-based Learning ideas were generated from TPWD staff at Texas State Parks, State Historical Sites and Wildlife Management Areas.
Core Concepts for Conservation Education

Texas Junior Naturalists

An online resource for students of nature and the outdoors.
Habitat Projects
Be Nature-Safe
Information about how to safely enjoy and learn from Texas wildlife.
Information about Texas insects
Nature Camps
All about Texas snakes
Texas Natural Regions
Educational information about the natural ecology of the varied landscapes of Texas.
The Great Texas Birding Classic
Tools of the Naturalist
Naturalists in the field
Naturalists in the Field
Year of the Frog (2008)
Brush Pile

Texas Nature Trackers

A citizen-science monitoring effort designed to involve volunteers of all ages and interest levels in gathering scientific data on species of concern in Texas

The link address is:

Posters, Maps & Publications

These publications are available to download and print. Permission is granted to use for educational purposes and may be distributed at no charge to the public. Please acknowledge Texas Parks and Wildlife as the source.

Posters and Printable Fact Sheets

Maps (vegetation, rainfall, river basins, etc.)


For Young Children
Coloring Books
Print an Outdoor Kids Journal
State Parks Publications Activity Guides
Publications for Kids
Fourth Grade Reading Level or Higher
Keep Texas Wild! TPW Magazine
Learn About Texas Activity books
Frankie the Free-tailed Bat
Rare Species Activity Packets
State Parks Publications Junior Rangers and more
Young Naturalist books online
Texas Treasures: Wetlands booklet (PDF)  
Web-based Wildlife Fact Sheets
School Resources
Creating a School Habitat (PDF)
Central Texas Regional Appendix (PDF)
North Central Texas Regional Appendix (PDF)
Rio Grande Valley Regional Appendix (PDF)
Southeast Texas Regional Appendix (PDF)
Southwest Texas Regional Appendix (PDF)
West Texas Regional Appendix (PDF)

Angler Education Publications
Boater Education Publications
Hunter Education Publications
Outdoor Learning and Leadership Opportunities flier (PDF)
Project WILD and Conservation Education Publications

Also see:

Rivers and Wetland Publications

How-To Guides

Reference Section


Search TPWD online publications


Native Texas Wildlife Posters and Fact sheets for users to download and print.

Downloadable and printable PDF posters and Fact Sheets

Blackland Prairie poster

Download the Blackland Prairies Poster

Download the Northern Pineywood Poster

Download Northern Pineywoods Species Fact Sheet Set.
Includes Spotted Gar, Largemouth Bass, Red-shouldered Hawk, Louisiana Milk Snake, Timber Rattlesnake, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, White-tailed Deer, Western Cottonmouth, Southern Leopard Frog, Bald Cypress, Flathead Catfish, Marbled Salamander, Big-eared Bat, Giant Floater, Warmouth, Bronze Frog, Southern Copperhead, Flier, Hellgrammite, Dogwood, Sweetgum, Northern Flicker, Pine Warbler, Redfin Shiner, Green Darner.

Texas Coastal Wetlands Poster

Download the Texas Coastal Wetlands Poster

Download Coastal Wetlands Species Fact Sheet Set
Includes Reddish Egret, American Oystercatcher, Black-necked Stilt, Long-billed Curlew, Fiddler Crab, Stone Crab, Roseate Spoonbill, Eastern Oyster, Common Blue Crab, Piping Plover, Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle, Lightning Whelk, Whooping Crane, Common Raccoon, Texas Diamondback Terrapin, Northern Harrier, Atlantic Croaker, Atlantic Bay Scallop, Sheepshead Minnow, Seagrasses, Spotted Seatrout, Red Drum, Pinfish, Gulf Salt Marsh Snake.

West Texas Cienega Poster

Download the West Texas Cienega Poster

Download the Texas Urban Wildlife Poster

Download Urban WildlifeFact Sheet Set
Includes: Blue Jay, Butterfly Weed, Cardinal Flower, Downy Woodpecker, Eastern Bluebird, Eastern Fox Squirrel, Inca Dove, Maxmillian Sunflower, Monarch Butterfly, Northern Cardinal, Northern Mockingbird, Painted Bunting, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Red-eared Slider, Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Wood Duck.
Bonus: Causes for Decline of Species, Survival Needs of Species; Vegetation Layers and Birds; Vocabulary List 

Blackland Prairies Poster

Blackland Prairie poster
Blackland Prairies Poster
Click to view full-size image…
Size: 350.7 kB

Blackland Prairies Poster

Tx_Blackland_Prairies_8.5x11.pdf — PDF document, 26256 kB (26886523 bytes)

Northern Pineywoods Poster

Tx_Northern_Pineywoods_8.5x11.pdf — PDF document, 26957 kB (27604150 bytes)

Texas Coastal Wetlands Poster

Texas Coastal Wetlands Poster
Texas Coastal Wetlands Poster
Click to view full-size image…
Size: 316.9 kB

Tx_Texas_Coastal_Wetlands_8.5x11.pdf — PDF document, 26107 kB (26733721 bytes)

West Texas Cienega Poster

West Texas Cienega Poster
West Texas Cienega Poster
Click to view full-size image…
Size: 244.0 kB

West Texas Cienega Poster

Tx_Texas_Cienega_8.5x11.pdf — PDF document, 18249 kB (18687999 bytes)

Texas Urban Wildlife Poster

Tx_Urban_Wildlife_8.5x11.pdf — PDF document, 33247 kB (34045454 bytes)

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