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Everyone loves horny toads, but for many Texans the fierce-looking yet amiable reptile is only a fond childhood memory. Now, through participation in Texas Horned Lizard Watch, you can take part in an effort to better understand why our official state reptile is doing well in some locations and what factors may have contributed to its decline in other areas.


Once common throughout most of the state, the horny toad (or Texas Horned Lizard) has disappeared from many parts of its former range over the past 30 years. Its disappearance has been blamed on many factors, including collection for the pet trade, spread of the red imported fire ant, changes in land use, and environmental contaminants. For the most part, however, the decline of the Texas Horned Lizard has remained a mystery with little understanding of the management actions that could be taken to restore it.



As a participant in Texas Horned Lizard Watch, you will be "on-the-ground" – collecting data and observations about populations of horned lizards in your area, their food sources, their potential predators or competitors, or their habitat characteristics. From young to old, Ph.D. to hobbyist, there's a way for everyone to participate!

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For more information Contact the Wildlife Diversity Program at:

Texas Nature Trackers
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