Texas Hummingbird Roundup – Welcome

There is a wealth of jewels in the Texas skies. Texas is the birdiest state in the nation. This diversity is caused by our location, our geography and the wonderfully diverse habitat we enjoy across the state. This diversity carries over to our hummingbird population, the diversity of which is tied with Arizona for the nation's lead.


Hummingbird Nest in Welcome Sign,
Photo by Sheila Payne

This pin was awarded for participation in the 2008 Hummingbird Roundup. Join us next year and get your 2009 pin.


Every Texan can enjoy at least two species of hummingbirds in their home county, with some regions of the state hosting as many as 16 species. Much of the challenge of hosting one of these birds in your garden is related to our gardening habits which change the habitat, destroying some of the features needed by these birds.


White-eared Hummingbird, Photo by Dan True


These web pages will assist you in developing a garden for hummingbirds, in identifying the diverse hummingbirds of Texas and will provide you with an opportunity to contribute to our knowledge of these unique American birds and the challenges facing their populations in Texas.

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