Child holding catfishWhat Fish Can You Catch?

Neighborhood Fishin' lakes are managed as "put-and-take" fisheries. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department stocks fish that are big enough to catch and keep, and these fish are available for harvest as soon as they land in the water. During summer and winter stocking seasons, these lakes are stocked every two to four weeks — so there should be a good supply of fish whenever you find time to visit!

Man and small boy with trout on stringer TPWD stocks channel catfish in these lakes starting the third week in April and continuing approximately every two weeks through early November, except during August. The department does not schedule stockings for that month because of the potential for heat-related water quality problems. Catfish are attracted to strong-smelling baits. Try using nightcrawlers, chicken livers, shrimp, stinkbait, or cut hot dogs.

2017 catfish stocking dates *

* Most lakes are stocked by Friday for weekend fishing. However, dates may change due to weather or other circumstances.

Rainbow trout prefer cold water. In most areas of Texas, they can survive only in winter. Trout stocking begins in late November or early December and continues until March. Cheese, kernel corn, nightcrawlers, red wigglers, and meal worms make good trout baits. If you’d rather use a lure, try a small inline spinnerbait or a spoon.

For more information on bait, lures, and fishing methods, visit our Learn to Fish page.

Other TPWD Stocking Programs:
  • Rainbow trout: TPWD stocks trout at more than 100 locations each winter. Neighborhood Fishin' lakes receive the most frequent stockings, but many other sites get one or two deliveries of this popular fish. To find a trout fishing site in your area, check the statewide trout stocking schedule between mid-November and mid-March.
  • Put-grow-and-take fisheries: In our larger lakes, TPWD works to improve fish populations by stocking fry or fingerlings of bass, catfish, and other sport fishes. Some of these small fish will grow to be tomorrow's trophies! Visit our stocking page to find out what's been stocked at your favorite lake.