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Angler Recognition Program Catches of the Month — 2013

Water Body Record

December 15, 2013

Barry Osborn set a Squaw Creek record with this 10.81-pound, 24.25-inch channel catfish.

Water Body Record

November 3, 2013

Patrick Cates caught and released this 29.46-pound, 40.5-inch blue catfish at Nolte Lake on the Guadalupe River.

Big Fish Award

October 12, 2013

Mike Burns caught and released this 11-pound, 24.5-inch largemouth bass on a crankbait at Falcon Lake.

Water Body Record

September 22, 2013

Andrew Bland set a record for the San Marcos River with this 1.88-pound, 16.13-inch Guadalupe bass caught on a Texas-rigged brush hog.

Elite Angler

Keatyn Eitelman of Pottsboro became the state's youngest Elite Angler last summer, collecting Big Fish Awards for white bass, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, blue catfish and white crappie.

Big Fish Award

July 7, 2013

Caden Williams, age 5, caught this hybrid striped bass at Ray Hubbard Reservoir. The fish measured 25.875 inches and weighed just under 7 pounds.

New State Record

June 4, 2013

This 493-pound swordfish, caught by Bryan Barclay in the Gulf of Mexico, beat the previous Texas record by more than 100 pounds.

Water Body Record

May 14, 2013

Robert Adam Loniewsky caught this 5.13-pound channel catfish on a fly rod in Cibolo Creek. The fish was released, so it's still out there somewhere.

Lake Record

April 13, 2013

Allen Kruse of Nacogdoches set a lake record for Lake Naconiche with this 12.54-pound largemouth bass. A DNA test showed the fish to be a descendant of ShareLunker #370, caught in 2004.

Lake Record

March 18, 2013

James R. Walker of Jefferson took this 75.10-pound smallmouth buffalo with a bow and arrow at Lake O' the Pines.

Catch and Release Lake Record

February 18, 2013

Daniel Duerst of Marble Falls caught this 25.25-inch largemouth bass on Lake LBJ using a soft stick bait.

Junior Water Body Record

January 20, 2013

Riley Arrington, age 8, of Marble Falls caught this 5.5-lb palmetto bass with a rod and reel on Lake Buchanan.

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