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The GIS lab has a wealth of information to offer. This page contains statewide files available for download. Additional data is available in the GIS Lab, or if necessary, we can assist in locating data from other sources.

If you have questions regarding available downloads or need data not contained on this site, please feel free to contact the GIS Lab.

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Data Downloads

Projection: all files are the the Texas Statewide Mapping System (Lambert Conformal Conic projection).

Texas Statewide Mapping System (Lambert projection) information:

    • Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
    • Units: meters
    • Spheroid: GRS1980
    • Datum: NAD83
    • Parameters:
        • 1st parallel: 27 25 00
        • 2nd parallel: 34 55 00
        • central meridian: -100 00 00
        • latitude of projection origin: 31 10 00
        • false easting: 1000000
        • false northing: 1000000


Data is available for download in ESRI shapefile format. The zipped file also includes metadata.

Scales for the files vary. These scales are unitless. Be sure to note the file scales before combining.

The scale of the file may be included in the name, if space allows or if known: 24k = 1:24,000; 100k = 1:100,000; 250k = 1:250,000, 1m = 1:1,000,000; 2m = 1:2,000,000.

No claims are made to the accuracy of the data or to the suitability of the data to a particular use.


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