2009-2010 Gun Deer: Either-Sex (GDE) Hunts

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Gun Deer: Either Sex (GDE)
Name of Hunt Area No. Hunt Days No. Hunt Periods Acreage No. of Applic. In Computer Drawing No. of Hunters (Desired) Total No. Permits Offered No. Hunters Who Paid for Permit No. of Standby Hunt Positions No. Standby Hunter Applicants No. of Standby Applicants Provided A Hunt Total No. Hunters Participating in Hunt Harvest
No. Paid Hunters Who Did Not Show Percentage of Hunter Success Rate
TOTALS (32 Areas)17047165,79612,2149779778561917831838862597229%
Alazan Bayou WMA514,04957161615222151-9=10267
Arroyo Colorado316009488812182-0=2125
Brazos Bend SP 1623,25685960605524124227516-39=55473
Chaparral WMA 1015315,200367360605914293147217124
Colorado Bend SP935,00073760605882195414-13=271350
Cooper Breaks SP31850681110001000
J. Daughtrey WMA314,4004651010104312125-0=5042
Enchanted Rock SNA311,643506151515000155-5=10267
Gus Engeling WMA 10210,0003398080682357238613-10=23527
Fort Boggy SP621,500287404039151512496-12=18237
Guadalupe River SP511,2801351515113173146-6=12086
Guadalupe River-Bauer516615755323254-3=70140
Hill Country SNA 11235,0005329090821315119011-5=16618
Honey Creek SNA511,500271101011000115-3=8073
Gene Howe WMA515,394258101082721611-3=14288
Inks Lake/Longhorn Cav. SP 311,8379710109122114-1=5045
Kerr WMA415,50067030303023923111-7=18158
Kickapoo Cavern SP316,300125202017688216-2=8338
Lake Brownwood SP 5315371585531111111411-8=190136
Lake Bob Sandlin SP316406766511160-1=1117
Lost Maples SNA 6 932,000213242422352210-1=135
Mason Mountain WMA414,087185101010420414000
Matador WMA 105128,18337720201743482415-5=20083
Matagorda Island WMA3121,50041616161663362115-2=17181
Pat Mayse WMA627,900203606057131212648-10=181128
Old Sabine Bottom WMA 00000000000000
Pedernales Falls Annex823001416660006000
Pedernales Falls 625,2123923030255115304-4=8027
Richland Creek WMA00000000000000
San Angelo SP 1315,8184394040331112114012-3=15238
Seminole Canyon SP 61242,2701774040311388376-5=111130
White Oak Creek WMA3113,379216180180132000233-2=5122

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