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The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is continuing an experimental pronghorn buck season in some areas of the Panhandle, which allow landowners to control the harvest of buck pronghorn on their properties. The experimental season will continue to be tested and wildlife officials will closely monitor pronghorn herds during the pilot project to ensure populations remain healthy. However, if a definite negative biological impact is detected during the trial, the experimental season will be removed.

Under the current statewide regulations, TPWD determines the harvest quota and issues permits directly to landowners for surplus pronghorn. With the experimental season, landowners or their agents within the selected special experimental buck season areas (see inset map) in the northwest and northeast Panhandle would determine the harvest quota and control buck pronghorn harvest on their property during the pilot project. To comply with tagging requirements hunters will be required to obtain a free experimental buck permit at numerous locations across the state starting August 15. Hunters will also be required to present their harvest at a mandatory check station within 24 hours of harvest.

The goal of the project is to simplify pronghorn hunting regulations and increase hunting opportunity in areas with stable populations. After completion of the experiment, the Department will assess all data to determine whether a permanent regulation change to a landowner controlled harvest for bucks is suitable as well as expanding the concept into other areas of the northern Panhandle.

Information for Experimental Pronghorn Season | PDF
This document has all necessary information, including maps, about the experimental pronghorn season for hunters and landowners that can be printed and taken to the field. These documents are also available where permits are provided.

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Who do I contact for more information?
For more information regarding pronghorn permits, contact your local TPWD biologist. Don't know your biologist? Find a Biologist in your area.