Little Aguja Pondweed (Potamogeton clystocarpus)

Photograph of the Little Aguja Pondweed


Other Names
Davis Mountain Pondweed
Texas Status
U.S. Status
Endangered, Listed 11/14/1991
Little Aguja pondweed is a submersed aquatic perennial herb with branched stems varying in length according to water depth.
Life History
For an aquatic plant, Little Aguja Pondweed has picked a difficult place to live. Little Aguja Creek where the species occurs is prone to both drought and scouring floods. It flowers and bears fruit from May-October. How the plant manages to survive such extremes is not known, but the species has a history of persisting at the site. Only one population is known, and the plant has not been seen recently.
It lives in atill, shallow pools in intermittent, spring- fed streams flowing over igneous-derived, rocky substrates in mountain canyons.
This plant is known from only one site located on private property, in Jeff Davis County.

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