State Wildlife Grants: Call for Proposals

The Wildlife Diversity Program is offering funding through the State Wildlife Grant (SWG) Program to support implementation of the 2012 Texas Conservation Action Plan (TCAP), to prevent the need to list, promote recovery, and enable conservation of rare species and communities in greatest need.

Maximum anticipated SWG share is expected to be $50,000.00 for individual awards. A 35% non-federal match is required. These funds will only cover work conducted January 1-August 31, 2014. Proposals following the guidelines below will be accepted through November 8, 2013. To be considered for the award, proposal must be received by the deadline electronically to A PDF of this call for proposals and guidelines for submittal can be downloaded below.

A set of specific funding priorities have been established for various taxa and natural communities. Proposals that significantly address the needs of TCAP Species of Greatest Need and Rare Plant Communities (other than those detailed in the links below) or a listed Conservation Action found in one or more of the Ecoregion Handbooks will also be considered.

TCAP implementation activities and these conservation grants will be part of a larger effort to track our incremental conservation progress and report out to our partners and the public how we are doing. To that end, the toolkit in Measuring the Effectiveness of State Wildlife Grants is strongly recommended to define conservation projects, target audiences and partners, identify desired step-wise intermediate results, and collect the “right” data to report conservation achievements.

Proposal Forms

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