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State Wildlife Grants: Call for Proposals

The Wildlife Diversity Program is offering funding through the State Wildlife Grant (SWG) Program to support implementation of the 2012 Texas Conservation Action Plan (TCAP), to prevent the need to list, promote recovery, and enable conservation of rare species and communities in greatest need. A 35% non-federal match is required. Projects may extend over one or two fiscal years with contracts beginning in September 2015. Proposals following the guidelines below will be accepted through May 15, 2015. To be considered for the award, proposal must be received by the deadline electronically to A PDF of this call for proposals and guidelines for submittal can be downloaded below.

A set of specific funding priorities have been established for a small number of taxa.

Funding Priorities

    Texas Kangaroo Rat:
  • Survey historic and potential sites to determine the current distribution of the Texas kangaroo rat using TPWD predictive model.
  • Record habitat and vegetation characteristics at active burrow sites and at sites where Texas kangaroo rats were located in recent years.
  • Red-crowned Parrot:
  • Population trend and threats assessment
  • Rio Grande Cooter, Big Bend slider, and other freshwater turtles:
  • Popluation status and threats assessment
  • Bumblebees:
  • Popluation status and threats assessment

Proposal Forms

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