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History Trail

Milestone 2: Getting Good!

See how good you can get at learning a new skill! This is where it gets interesting! Just starting out? Try Milestone 1.

Research the history behind a Texas species becoming endangered or extinct
Read a biography on a famous Texas naturalist, statesman, native American, explorer or cowboy
Learn about the famous ranches of Texas and their size and location
Do a report on the Buffalo Soldiers, an old Texas fort, a Spanish Mission, or famous Texas town
Hold a mock dinner party from another time period ("roaring twenties", pioneer times, etc.)
Take a guided tour of a history museum or historic site
Make a list of the ancestries of the people of Texas
Make a map of Texas that shows where the Native Americans lived 100 years ago or more
Learn how to use an antique cooking utensil, farming tool, cleaning utensil, wood working tool or toy
Learn how to weave, knit, sew, crochet or tat
Learn about composting and organic gardening techniques
Make a list of natural dyes and fibers and which plants or animals they come from
Try preserving foods (making jerky, canning vegetables, smoking meats,, etc.)
Learn about tanning hides and making leather
Try your hand at leather crafts
Learn how to flint-nap
Learn candlemaking or soapmaking

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