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Milestone 2: Getting Good!

See how good you can get at learning a new skill! This is where it gets interesting! Just starting out? Try Milestone 1.

Take a hike with a ranger at a park
Learn new new photographic technique for photographing wildlife
Build a kite that resembles a butterfly or bird and fly it
Learn how to make a fishing lure or fly
Design and have a nature "scavenger hunt"
Earn a recreational merit badge
Learn how to rock climb
Learn outdoor cooking using a Dutch oven
Learn how to pitch a tent
Learn to tie different fishing knots media download(PDF 76.4 KB) with different types of fishing line
Learn proper disposal methods for campsite waste and trash
Learn orienteering
Learn how to tie 3 kinds of knots used in boating
Learn outdoor safety and first aid
Learn how to kayak or canoe
Take a Boater Education Certification class
Take a Hunter Education Certification class
Become a Junior Angler
Learn to make fish and leaf prints
Learn proper care, cleaning, maintenance and storage of hunting and fishing equipment (guns, rods, reels, etc.)
Review the Texas Parks & Wildlife Outdoor Annual to know the hunting and fishing regulations for your area
Enroll in a fishing event with TPWD
Learn how to clean a fish or field dress a deer
Become involved in 4H Coop projects
Take snorkeling or SCUBA lessons
Learn some survival techniques useful for camping or hiking
Take a drawing or painting lesson

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