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Fish Shapes: Answers

Freshwater Fish

Bluegill SunfishLargemouth Bass

Saltwater Fish

Southern FlounderSpotted Sea TroutRed Drum

Which of these fish might be bottom feeders? How can you tell? (The red drum and southern flounder are bottom feeders. The red drum's jaw is flat on the bottom and the flounder's body is flat allowing them to feed on the bottom of shallow bays.)

Which of these fish generally attack prey up in the water column? How can you tell? (The largemouth bass and the spotted sea trout have jaws that point upward.)

Which of these fish probably swim fastest? How can you tell? (The spotted seatrout and the largemouth bass both have streamlined bodies that allow them to move quickly in the water. Compare their bodies to the bluegill and the flounder whose bodies are fuller.)

Which of these fish live on the bottom? How can you tell? (The flounder lives on the bottom of bays. His flat body helps him hide on the bottom, waiting for prey.)

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