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Tortuga Tex on Amphibians - Text Version

comic version

Howdy ya’ll! Did you know that amphibians hatch from eggs, are cold-blooded, have gills part of their life, and lungs the rest?

Most amphibians lay eggs in ponds and streams. When -the eggs hatch, gill-breathing larva emerge. Later these larva metamorphose (change) into adults with lungs.

Young salamanders have external gills and grow all 4 legs at once. Frog tadpoles have internal gills and grow hind legs first.

Around the world amphibian numbers are declining. Habitat loss, and other environmental problems are possible reasons. Scientists are trying to figure this mystery out and you can help!

Amphibian Watch is a program that monitors amphibians, and you can be a part of it. Check out “tell me more tortuga” on this page to lean how. ‘til next time, take care of Texas!

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