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Tortuga Tex Birds the Texas Gulf Coast! - Text Version

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Howdy! I am on the Texas Gulf Coast looking for birds! This time of year many birds begin to migrate south for the winter. It’s a good time of year for birding!

Along the Texas gulf coast there are many parks, recreation, and wildlife areas with trails, boardwalks, and piers which are great for birding. Some sites also offer guided birding tours!

Bays and estuaries along the Texas coast are stopping points for many migratory birds and a winter home for many others. Because of all these birds, the coast is also a favorite stopping point for birders.

The great Texas coastal birding trail and events like the annual christmas bird count attract birders from all over the country.

I’ve always enjoyed watching birds. Storks like this one are among my favorites. Some birders keep a list (called a life list) of all the birds they see. But you don’t have to travel to the coast to be a birder! You can start in your own backyard!

Some advice on birding: try to think like a bird! This is one time when being a bird brain can pay off! ‘til next time, this is Tortuga Tex wishing you “Happy Birding!”

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