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Tortuga Tex Visits Caddo Lake State Park - Text Version

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Howdy! Today I’m in Caddo lake looking for a beautiful fish – the bluehead shiner! (or Notropis hubbsi as it is known to icthyologists (ick – thee – all – oh – jists) – the people who study fish).

Caddo Lake State Park is one of my favorite places! This lake is full of cypress trees and among the roots, the bluehead shiners may be found. Let’s see if we can find some!

Bluehead shiners like quiet shallow backwaters with mud and san, and lots of plants – what a great place to hunt for food and hide from predators!

That’s about all we know about bluehead shiners! They are hard to study and there aren’t many of them!

You can have lots of other fun at Caddo Lake State Park ! Try fishing, hiking, boating, swimming, and good old camping.

Next time we’ll head west! ‘til then, this is Tortuga Tex reminding you to help keep our rivers running by conserving water. Hasta la vista, amigos!

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