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Tortuga Tex on Cagle's Map Turtle - Text Version

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Howdy! I’m on the Guadalupe River to visit my cousin. That’s her down there. She’s a Cagle’s map turtle.

Cagle’s map turtles (Graptemys caglei) occur in the lower Guadalupe River but once could be found up in the Hill Country, too. Their range is smaller due to habitat destruction, mostly because of dams.

The star marks the only area in the world that Cagle’s map turtles exist! (southeast of Canyon Lake) This is the reason there is concern for the survival of this species.

Females dig nests in soft soils on the river bank above the flood line. They bury their effs to hide them from predators like raccoons. Once hatched, young turtles scurry as quickly as they can to the water.

Males like riffles and run habitats. They eat aquatic insects and also wild grapes in the fall.

Females prefer calm, quiet pools. Clams are their favorite food, but they too eat grapes in the fall.

Hope you enjoyed learning about Cagle’s map turtles.

‘Till next time, help take care of Texas Rivers. They’re home to more Texans than you can imagine.

By Ken Saunders

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