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Tortuga Tex Travels the Colorado River - Text Version

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Wow, what a sunrise!
Tortuga Tex here, paddling through the morning fog on the beautiful Colorado River. Join me as we adventure down this central Texas river.

On the upper Colorado, bluffs, wildlife and occasional rapids make for very scenic paddling. Colorado Bend State Park near the head of Lake Buchanan is a great take out (place to put in and take out canoes and kayaks) and home to bald eagles!

A series of lakes starting with Lake Buchanan and ending with Lake Austin divide the Colorado, so we’ll go around them. Below Austin, the river is flatter and calmer. Let’s check it out!

Osprey, herons and hawks are birds that live on this part of the river. Raccoon and deer are common too, as are bass and catfish, which many folks come to fish for.

Near the coast, the river slows down and has vast wetland areas. Here you can find geese, ducks and many different shorebirds. Alligators also live here.

The Colorado River is diverse and a wonderful river to spend time on.

Hope you enjoyed our trip.

‘Til next time help keep our rivers running. Conserve water!

Adios, Amigos!

By Ken Saunders

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