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Tortuga Tex on Cottonmouth Snakes - Text Version

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Howdy! Today I am looking for water moccasins (Agkistrodon piscivorus), the only venomous water snake in Texas .

As you can see on my map, water moccasins are found in most east Texas rivers and wetlands. They like calm waters.

Water moccasins are also known as “cottonmouths” because the white color on the inside of their mouths looks like cotton.

They have a triangle shaped head and grow to be about 4 feet long. Young have light color bands on their backs. As they get older they turn darker and look almost black.

Cottonmouths use venom to kill their prey which they swallow head first. They eat fish, frogs, birds, small mammals, and small turtles. Whoa, i’m a small turtle!

Cottonmouths bear live young with a tail that looks like a worm. They wiggle it to attract small frogs and minnows to eat. Till next time take care of Texas .

Adios amigos!

By Ken Saunders

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