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Tortuga Tex Visits The Edwards Aquifer! - Text Version

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Howdy! We’re going 1,200 feet underground into the Edwards Aquifer! That’s why i’m….

….tortuga with tanks! Let’s go down this spring, deep into the Edwards Aquifer to meet up with my buddy, Eury Stomas!

Eury and I are in the aquifer. Eury has no eyes, but he can still tell where he is going. Eury is one of more than 40 species that live in the aquifer.

Eury is a fish called a widemouth blindcat, satan EuryStomas. He has well-developed sensory organs on his mouth and head that tell him where he is going. Eury is very fond of subterranean shrimp, which make up most of his diet. I hope he remembers how to get me out of here!

What a trip! We’ve made it to the warm San Marcos springs straight from the Edwards Aquifer. It’s kept the San Marcos springs running for as far back as we can tell – the unique fauna that live in the San Marcos river shows us that!

I hope you enjoyed our trip with Eury! Next time we’ll visit Caddo Lake State Park , where we’ll look for the bluehead shiner. ‘til then, take care of texas, it’s the only one we’ve got!

By Ken Saunders

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