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Tortuga Tex and the Guadalupe Bass - Text Version

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Howdy! Do you know what the state fish of Texas is? The Guadalupe bass (Micropterus treculi).

Guadalupe bass only live in Texas , and can be found in the rivers of the Edwards Plateau .

Guadalupe bass live in riffle, run and flowing pool habitats. They are mature when they are 1 year old. Adults make nests in gravel where they lay eggs.

Guadalupe bass eat mostly fish, but also some aquatic insects. Most grow to be about 2 or 3 pounds.

Loss of habitat and interbreeding with the introduced smallmouth bass have raised concern about the future of Guadalupe bass. But scientists are working hard to preserve this fish.

One more thing about Guadalupe bass, they are fun to catch. Many of our hill country state parks offer good Guadalupe bass fishing, so give it a try some time. Good luck!

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