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Tortuga Tex on River Habitats - Text Version

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Howdy Ya'll! Tortuga Tex here to talk to you about River Habitats and how important they are to the health of rivers. Let's have a look!

Pools are deep areas with slow current. Turtles, catfish, minnows, sunfish and aquatic plants often inhabit them.

Rapids have fast and turbulent water. Darters, suckers and invertebrates like rapids.

Oxbow lakes are bends in rivers cut off from the main channel. Fish, reptiles, birds, frogs, insects and wetland plants inhabit them.

Riffles have shallow, fast moving water inhabited by darters, minnows, catfiswh, shore birds and invertebrates.

Runs are smooth flowing areas that are not too deep. Minnows, catfish and bass are examples of fish that like runs.

'Till next time, help protect Texas rivers!

Adios, Amigos!

by Ken Saunders

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