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This application can be used to display the catch rates of several important fish species in Texas coastal waters by year for either a species of interest or for a bay of interest.  Minor bays, boat ramps and roads are also displayed.

Catch rate was summarized using data collected from monofilament gill nets. These nets have been systematically used in seven of Texas bay systems by TPWD since November 1975. East Matagorda Bay was added in the fall of 1976, Sabine Lake was added in the spring of 1986 and Cedar Lakes was added in the spring of 1996.

The gill nets used are 600 feet long and 4 feet deep with separate 150 feet sections of 3 and 4 inch (#12 monofilament), 5 and 6 inch (#18 monofilament) stretched mesh tied together in ascending mesh size.

Gill nets are set out overnight with early morning retrieval during each spring and fall season. The spring season begins in the second full week of April and extends for 10 weeks. The fall season begins in the second full week of September and extends for 10 weeks. Gill nets are set perpendicular to shore with the smallest mesh shoreward. Nets are set within one hour before sunset and retrieved within four hours after the following sunrise. Total fishing time is recorded as well as number and size of all fish captured.

Since the fall of 1981, 45 gill nets have been set overnight during each season in each bay system, except East Matagorda Bay and Cedar Lakes. In East Matagorda Bay 20 nets were set in each season while 10 nets were set each season in Cedar Lakes.

Catch rates are classified into ‘high’, ‘medium’ or ‘low’ based on their historical values. High catch rates are those in the upper 25th percentile observed for that species, medium catch rates are in the middle 50th percentile and low catch rates are those in the lower 25th percentile.

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