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Golden Alga in Texas

Golden Alga (Prymnesium parvum) in Texas
map of Texas Counties with Golden Alga Fish Kills
Map of Texas counties affected by Golden Alga

This map indicates the water bodies affected by Golden Alga in Texas and the counties impacted. The two tables provided below list the counties and waterbodies indicated on the map divided by the Kills and Spills Team (KAST) regions.

Beginning with the northern area of the state, KAST Region 2, the water bodies by county are:

KAST Region 2
County Water Bodies Affected
Archer Dundee State Fish Hatchery, Lake Diversion
Baylor Lake Diversion, Lake Kemp
Bosque Lake Whitney
Brown Colorado River
Childress Baylor Lake
Coleman Colorado River
Fisher Clear Fork of the Brazos River
Haskell California Creek, Paint Creek
Hill Lake Whitney, Brazos River
Hood Lake Granbury
Hutchinson Stilling Basin below Lake Meredith
Johnson Brazos River
Jones Clear Fork of the Brazos River
Lampasas Colorado River
Lubbock Bluff Springs Lake, Lubbock Lakes 1-6
Mills Colorado River
Mitchell Colorado City Lake, Colorado River
Nolan Lake Sweetwater
Palo Pinto Possum Kingdom Reservoir
Parker Brazos River
Runnels Colorado River
San Saba Colorado River
Somerville Brazos River
Stonewall Brazos River
Throckmorton Paint Creek
Young Brazos River, Possum Kingdom Reservoir

In the southwestern area of the state, KAST Region 1, the water bodies by county are:

KAST Region 1
County Water Bodies Affected
Coke Colorado River, E. V. Spence Reservoir
Concho Colorado River
Crane Pecos River
Crockett Pecos River
Howard Moss Creek Lake
Loving Red Bluff Reservoir, Pecos River
McCulloch Colorado River
Midland Wadley-Barren Park Pond
Pecos Pecos River
Reeves Red Bluff Reservoir, Pecos River
Terrell Pecos River
Val Verde Pecos River
Ward Red Bluff Reservoir, Pecos River

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Aditional Information:

Would you like to know more?
The Biology of Golden Alga summarizes what we know about the alga and its toxins.

Where does golden alga fit compared to other single-celled organisms?
The Golden Alga Family Tree gives examples of and information about golden alga and other protists.

What does golden alga look like?
TPWD Golden Alga Images has photos of fish kills, golden algal cells, and short videos of live golden alga. These images may be used for noncommercial/educational purposes as long as TPWD is given credit and other site policies are followed.

Golden Alga Information Card: TPWD has collaborated with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other entities to produce a golden alga information card. Download a PDF from the TCEQ website or request a free hard copy from TPWD at

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