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Golden Alga Task Force Vision and Objectives

Revised June 4, 2009

GATF Mission Statement

The mission of the TPWD Golden Alga Task Force is to protect aquatic ecosystems by understanding toxic golden algal Prymnesium parvum blooms and to avoid, minimize, and mitigate their impacts through coordination of research and collaboration with stakeholders.

Research Objectives and Priorities

The task force coordinates and promotes research that comprises four areas of need for improving understanding and management of golden alga blooms and the aquatic resources they impact: mitigation and management of Texas blooms, management of impacted fisheries and aquatic communities, monitoring of Texas blooms, and improving understanding of the biology of P. parvum. Those areas that offer immediate potential for reducing the frequency, duration, and toxicity of blooms are a research priority. Improvements in managing the impacts of blooms and monitoring of blooms and toxic episodes are the next priorities. Research into improving basic understanding of P. parvum is also crucial to improving the mitigation and management of blooms in Texas. Research leveraging existing data to enhance understanding of P. parvum and in ecosystems most severely and frequently impacted is a priority.

Priority 1 – Mitigation of P. parvum blooms in Texas

Develop cost-effective and viable mitigation for blooms and toxicity.

Priority 2 – Fishery management of P. parvum impacted waters/regions

Develop strategies for optimizing the management of fisheries in impacted ecosystems

Priority 3 – Monitoring P. parvum blooms in Texas

Develop techniques for monitoring blooms and determining the temporal, spatial, ecological, and economic scale of impacts and recovery.

Priority 4 – P. parvum biology

Improve the understanding of P. parvum biology and physiology focusing on factors related to population dynamics and toxin production.

Status of Texas P. parvum Research

Priority 1

Priority 2 (New)

Priority 3

Priority 4


Aditional Information:

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The Biology of Golden Alga summarizes what we know about the alga and its toxins.

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The Golden Alga Family Tree gives examples of and information about golden alga and other protists.

What does golden alga look like?
TPWD Golden Alga Images has photos of fish kills, golden algal cells, and short videos of live golden alga. These images may be used for noncommercial/educational purposes as long as TPWD is given credit and other site policies are followed.

Golden Alga Information Card: TPWD has collaborated with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and other entities to produce a golden alga information card. Download a PDF from the TCEQ website or request a free hard copy from TPWD at

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