Water Development Project Studies

  1. Wildlife Habitat Appraisal for the Proposed Allens Creek Reservoir Site. August 1995.
  2. A Vegetation Inventory of the Proposed Eastex Reservoir. October 1993.
  3. An Assessment of Direct Impacts to Wildlife Habitat from Future Water Development Projects. TPWD and USFWS 1990.
  4. Classification of Land Cover and Assessment of Forested Wetlands in the Cypress Creek Watershed. GIS Lab, December 1996.
  5. An Analysis of Bottomland Hardwood Areas at Three Proposed Reservoir Sites in Northeast Texas, GIS Lab, February 1997.
  6. Analysis of Bottomland Hardwood Areas and Assessment of Wildlife Habitat Quality at the Potential Future Waters Bluff Reservoir Site. GIS Lab, April 1998.
  7. Evaluation of Natural Resources in Bastrop, Burleson, Lee, and Milam Counties. March 2000. media download(PDF 3 MB)

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