30 Years of Taking Texans Outside

30th Anniversary of TPWD Television

In 1985, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department introduced its “Made In Texas” television show to raise public awareness of the agency's work. Since then, television audiences have been not only entertained, but inspired to experience the outdoors and to care more for wildlife and conservation of our natural resources. So tune in to our 30th anniversary season and enjoy special “blast from the past” stories, meet some of the folks who have been behind the camera over the years, and watch new segments that bring wild things and wild places to your world.

30th Anniversary Contest

Appear on the TV show or be part of the TV crew!

In 250 words or less, tell us a story idea you would like to see featured on the TPW television series on PBS. Tell us why you'd like to see it covered, and why you think our viewers will enjoy it. Win and you'll appear on the show (which will be based on your idea) or be part of the TV crew—plus win some exciting prizes.

Contest is closed and winners will be announced in August!

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Meet the Producers

Play nowKyle Banowsky

Kyle Banowsky

Kyle takes to the trails on his bike and shoots the Chihuahuan Desert Bike Fest.

Play nowAlan Fisher

Alan Fisher

Alan gives us a glimpse of the not-so-glamorous aspects of television production.

Behind the Scenes

  • Abe Moore shoots the fall colors at Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  • Video producer Curtis Craven often shot still photos as part of his work.
  • Don Cash with a busted camera at Lost Maples. The shoot was over at that point.
  • It took a pretty big crew to shoot a public service announcement with musician Kevin Fowler.
  • Lee Smith with Walter Cronkite who was the voice of several documentaries on water issues.
  • Mark Thurman in the Trans-Pecos shooting desert survival tips.
  • Hanging a camera out of a train isn’t recommended, but Randall Maxwell was determined to get the shot.
  • Richard Roberts in the edit room back in the days when the show was edited on videotape.
  • Whitney Bishop shooting west Texas vistas.
  • Kyle Banowsky, Abe Moore and Alan Fisher shoot a wild game cooking segment with chef Jeff Martinez.
  • Abe Moore shooting a trout study in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  • Alan Fisher shoots artist Billy Hassell at the newly acquired Powderhorn Ranch.
  • Richard Roberts and Bruce Biermann get wet at Inks Lake State Park.
  • Don Cash and Kyle Banowsky cover the Texas Water Safari at 4am.
  • Gwen Zucker waits for the light to change on the Texas coast.
  • Karen Loke and Mark Southern on a shoot at Big Bend Ranch State Park.
  • Kyle Banowsky after a long day of following a mule deer hunt.
  • Lee Smith, somewhere in East Texas, has an audio cable for lunch.
  • Randall Maxwell recording the ripples in a Texas stream.
  • 1980's TV team. Richard Roberts, Curtis Craven, Gwen Zucker, Lydia Saldaña, Mark Thurman, Katheryn Palmer, Lee Smith.
  • Richard Roberts shoots nighttime bat banding in west Texas.
  • Kathryn Palmer on location in Big Bend Ranch State Park.
  • Randall Maxwell in west Texas with a very heavy Ampex betacam camera.
  • Karen Loke and Bruce Biermann travelled to Mexico to document the release of juvenile Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles.
  • Whitney Bishop videotapes wet wardens taking a water safety training course.
  • Producer Ron Kabele won 20 EMMY awards while at Texas Parks and Wildlife.
  • Kyle Banowsky prepares to fly a camera mounted microcopter to capture some aerial video.
  • Don Cash carries camera gear on location at Washington-on-the-Brazos State Park.
  • Abe Moore used raw chicken parts to entice alligators in for their close ups.
  • Alan Fisher videotaping the capture and relocation of Gambel's quail near Candelaria.
  • Producer Bruce Biermann captures the Texas State Bison Herd at Caprock Canyons State Park.
  • Producer Don Cash interviews a member of the Wildland Fire Team after the Bastrop State Park fire.
  • Producer Lee Smith aboard the Battleship TEXAS.
  • Producers Don Cash and Mark Thurman cover the Bastrop State Park fire.
  • Producer Whitney Bishop captures the relocation and release of Bighorn Sheep at Big Bend Ranch State Park.
  • Producer Abe Moore descends into the Devil's Sinkhole.
  • Producer Abe Moore covers Texas Game Wardens making water rescues during Austin flooding.
  • Producer Alan Fisher captures the Great Texas Birding Classic in Port Aransas.
  • Producer Bruce Biermann shooting an artificial reef off the Texas coast.
  • Producer Karen Loke on location in the Texas Hill Country.
  • Producer Lee Smith gathering aerials out of the side of a helicopter.
  • Producer Karen Loke covers the opening of the Lady Bird Lake Paddling Trail.
  • Producers Alan Fisher and Whitney Bishop on location at Enchanted Rock State Park.

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The Texas Parks & Wildlife series on PBS is made possible in part by a grant from the Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Additional funding is provided by Texas Parks and Wildlife Foundation.

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