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PBS Preview December 14-20, 2014 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Preview for the December 14-20, 2014 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS television show #2309. For stations and air times go to http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Preview December 21-27, 2014 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Preview for the December 21-17, 2014 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS televisions show #2310. Find out where to watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Preview December 28, 2014-January 3, 2015 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Preview for the December 28, 2014-January 3, 2015 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS televisions show, #2311. Find out where to watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Preview January 4-10, 2015 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Preview for the January 4-10, 2015 Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS televisions show, #2312. Find out where to watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show January 4-10, 2015, #2312 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2312 January 4-10, 2015 A Tale of Two Laurens We head to Bay City, Texas for a weekend goose hunt with the ladies. For some it’s a first time experience, and for others it’s a weekend break from the family. No matter the reason, if you get a group of ladies together with some guns and geese… it’s going to be a blast. Parks & Wildlife People: Michael Rezsutek What do oil companies, conservation organizations, and government agencies have in common? A vested interest in restoring and maintaining the coastal marshes along the upper Texas Gulf coast. Watch how one Texas Parks and Wildlife employee brings these partners together to work towards creating a sustainable future for this critically important landscape. New Wave Cave The Devil’s Sinkhole near Rocksprings is a cavernous wonder. Visitors to the sinkhole can only peer into the abyss from a platform near the edge. Thanks to a crew of geologists and photographers, a 3D virtual map of the cave is in the works, one that will give visitors a unique view of this geologic oddity. Estero Llano Grande State Park The geographic center of the World Birding Center network is Estero Llano Grande State Park. What was once farmland is now a 176-acre refuge for a spectacular array of South Texas wildlife. The mix of thorn forest and man-made wetlands make it a popular destination for birds and birders. Postcard From Texas Watch the clouds go by with some time lapse photography. Find out Where to Watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show December 28, 2014-January 3, 2015, #2311 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS show #2311 December 28, 2014-January 3, 2015 Sinking the Kinta S A 155-foot freighter was sunk in the Gulf of Mexico as part of Texas Parks and Wildlife’s artificial reef program. The program is designed to turn oil rigs, retired ships and other hard substances into reef habitat for fish. The Kinta S is the largest ship to be reefed since the 473-foot Texas Clipper was sunk 17 miles off South Padre Island in 2006. Turkey Work On a ranch in South Texas, biologists are tapping the latest technology, and fitting turkey with tiny backpacks, to learn where the turkey lurk. With this data, scientists are gaining a better understanding of the habitat needs and preferences of Rio Grande turkey populations. See how these findings may benefit turkey and all who enjoy them. Desert Skies Texas Parks and Wildlife photographer Earl Nottingham uses black and white imagery to document the majestic skies associated with the late summer rains that travel across the broad expanses of the Big Bend region of Texas. CCC Memories During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, the Civilian Conservation Corps provided jobs for three million young men and helped establish the foundation of the state park system in Texas. Hear the stories of CCC veterans as they reunite in a park they helped build.   Outdoor Info: Firearm Safety at Home Learn how to safely and securely store your hunting firearms at home. Postcard From Texas Watch the fireworks as the Battleship TEXAS celebrates 100 years. Find out Where to Watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show December 21-27, 2014, #2310 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2310 December 21-27, 2014 Home Again Desert Bighorn Sheep used to roam freely in west Texas. By 1950 they had been wiped out by indiscriminate shooting and diseases spread by domestic sheep. During the 1960’s and 70’s TPWD began to restore the population of desert bighorns to west Texas. The program has been such a success and the population has grown to such numbers that in 2011 about 30 desert bighorns were released on public land at Big Bend Ranch State Park. For the first time since 1950 anyone willing to make a hike in the desert has the chance again of spotting one of these majestic animals in its natural environment. Cedar Hill Bike Trails Just minutes away from Dallas, Cedar Hill State Park has a set of trails fit for all levels of mountain bikers.  One reason riders find the trails so bike-friendly is the cyclists themselves build and maintain them. Parks & Wildlife People: Coastal Fisheries Restoration Team This team of Coastal Fisheries experts, along with numerous partners, preserved or created over 12,500 acres of coastal habitats, reclaimed over 4,000 acres of oyster reefs and protected over 12 miles of shoreline, leveraging funds from multiple sources to do it all. Fishing Lures Meet one man who collects antique fishing lures, and another who makes new ones. Discover the evolution of the fishing lure, from bone to plastic and several incarnations in between. Lyndon B. Johnson State Park & Historic Site The Lyndon Baines Johnson State Park and Historic Site is all about history, from the visitor center honoring our country’s thirty-sixth president … to a living-history farm depicting life on the farmstead as it was back in 1918, when President Johnson was a young boy. Postcard From Texas From elementary schools to high schools, students in Houston are learning about the native prairies of Texas by building pocket-size ones at their school. Find out Where to Watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show December 14-20, 2014, #2309 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2309 December 14-20, 2014 Warden of the County Jim Daniels is a young Game Warden who turned a tragedy from his youth into a career helping people. We’ll follow him patrolling the sparsely populated counties north of Abilene. Cleburne State Park White limestone bluffs and dense trees surround Cedar Lake, the centerpiece of Cleburne State Park. The small lake is just right for canoeing, swimming and fishing. Located southwest of Fort Worth, Cleburne is an ideal retreat from city life. Chicken Land Here in Texas, the Lesser Prairie Chicken’s numbers have declined as its’ historic range has dwindled to almost nothing. Since most of these birds live on private lands, wildlife biologists are counting on private landowners to help restore the habitat, and hopefully save the bird. Postcard From Texas View some interesting flora at the Watson Rare Native Plant Preserve. Find out where to watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show December 7-13, 2014, #2308 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2308 December 7-13, 2014 Acquiring Powderhorn A coalition of partners has raised nearly $38 million dollars to purchase 17,000 acres of one of the largest remaining unspoiled tracts of coastal prairie in the state. The Powderhorn Ranch in Calhoun County is expected to become a future state park and wildlife management area for the people of Texas. I Love a Mystery Kids at Texas A&M's SeaCamp solve mysteries using biology, chemistry, and physics. Their lab experiences are paralleled with the work done in the "real world" by TPWD's Forensics group in San Marcos. Outdoor Info: Campfire Tips Sitting around the campfire is one of the best things about going camping. Park Interpreter Katie Raney has some tips for getting your campfire going safely. Building the Canyon Government Canyon State Natural Area has grown out of an unprecedented partnership of groups rallying to preserve a unique resource. Its pristine Hill Country land helps protect the aquifer below it, making it all the more important to nearby San Antonio. Postcard From Texas The Texas Bighorn Society and Texas Parks and Wildlife celebrate finishing the construction of two guzzlers (above-ground rainwater catchments that provide water for wildlife) with a feast. What’s on the menu? Yard birds, beans, and a good time. Find out where to watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show November 30-December 6, 2014, #2307 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2307 November 30-December 6, 2014 School of Fish The whistle blows, and the championship battle is underway. We’re not talking about Texas high school football, it’s the finals for high school fishing. The hottest sport to hit the south these days isn’t on the field, it’s in the water. Check out a profile on high school fishing. Wild Things: Rat Snakes Check out a snake that often times gets a bat rap, State herpetologist Andy Gluesenkamp introduces you to the Texas Rat Snake. Eisenhower State Park At Eisenhower State Park it’s all about the water. Campsites sit high on the bluffs overlooking Lake Texoma. Boaters flock to the park’s marina and ramps. Swimmers enjoy lake access by land and by boat. Even hikers eventually end up taking a cool dip in the refreshing waters that make this park special. Island Assault 1944 Working guns, artillery, running tanks and an operational flamethrower make the Second World War come alive at the Admiral Nimitz State Historic Site. These sights and sounds bring back memories of the war for observers in poignant and painful ways. Postcard From Texas Early morning on Matagorda Bay is a magical and beautiful time. Find out where to watch: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show November 23-29, 2014, #2306 -Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2306 November 23-29, 2014 Texas Bass Not only are largemouth bass the most popular game fish in Texas, but they seem to get bigger every year. The Micropterus salmoides hasn’t flourished on its own. It’s taken a lot of research and work to get bass where they are today. Lone Star Land Steward: Bear Creek Ranch In Parker County just outside Fort Worth you'll find Bear Creek Ranch. The 2014 Lone Star Land Steward winner for the Cross Timbers and Prairies Region. Lake Arrowhead State Park Close to the Red River in both location and hue, this North Texas park offers family fun and fine fishing. Bat Capital of the World Austin is well-known for the millions of Mexican free-tailed bats that live under the city’s bridges and overpasses. These bats were once considered a nuisance. But thanks to a group called Bat Conservation International, Texans have become mindful of this species’ vital role in the control of insects. Postcard From Texas Stick your head underwater to see some of the endangered desert spring fish at Balmorhea State Park. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show November 16-22, 2014, #2305 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2305 November 16-22, 2014 The Real Bears of East Texas An animal that was almost wiped out due to unregulated hunting, and loss of habitat, the black bear is slowly making its way back to the bottomland forests along the states eastern border. Now a team of bear trackers from Stephen F. Austin State University are on the lookout. It’s a unique bear study that sends the team into some of the most remote habitat found in the state. Wild Things: Turtles and Roads Many folks find turtles crossing busy roads and wonder “What’s the right thing to do?” State Herpetologist Andy Gluesenkamp helps answer that question. The Spring Trackers We know a lot about the major springs in Texas, but very little about the estimated 3500 scattered around the state. Biologists Chad Norris and Janet Nelson trek to remote spring sites gathering a variety of information that will provide a greater understanding of one of our most important sources of freshwater. Palo Duro Canyon State Park Way, way, way up in the Texas Panhandle lies Palo Duro, the second largest canyon in the country (guess what’s first?). With its truly breathtaking scenery, Palo Duro is also one of our most popular parks. On this weekend, hundreds of cyclists come to ride 24 hours in the canyon, all in memoriam to friends or family members lost to cancer. Postcard From Texas It can be difficult to get all of your ducks in a row. But at Hornsby Bend in Austin, sometimes they line up all by themselves. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show November 9-15, 2015, #2304 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2304 November 9-15, 2014 Lizards on the Move For generations, Texans grew up seeing Texas Horned Lizards throughout much of the state. Today the threatened lizards are common only in certain spots, but research at the Muse Wildlife Management Area is investigating how lizards fare and where they go when they are relocated to restored habitat. Young Guns There’s a crisp bite in the air on a cool December morning. The mist covers the pond, as pintails fly overhead. It’s duck hunting season. Join us as we follow two boys as part of a special hunt just for youngsters. Lone Star Land Steward: Hillingdon, Laurels & Leslie Ranches Named after a small town in England, the Hillingdon Ranch is a family heritage spanning six generations. Four families primarily represent most of the 13,000 acres but many cousins own a slice. Whether on the ranch or off, the Giles, Langfords, Leslies and Pasztors continue to serve and protect the land from which they came. Stephen F. Austin State Park Nestled on the banks of the Brazos River, Stephen F. Austin State Park provides the opportunity to get up close to nature. Located just 30 minutes from the outskirts of Houston, this quiet and peaceful park is a nice escape from the busy city life with activities including picnicking, camping, fishing, hiking and nature and historical tours. Postcard From Texas Watch the moonset where bison roam, at Caprock Canyon State Park. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show November 2-8, 2014, #2303 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS show #2303 November 2-8, 2014 The Rise of the Forgotten Flounder One of the top three sport fish in Texas, more and more fishermen now set their sights on the southern flounder. In fact, it’s become so popular that fish hatcheries have started stocking flounder in Texas bays. We take a closer look at what it takes to catch these fish and how the species is holding up. Lone Star Land Steward: Tanksley Land Company Way out in West Texas, it's all about water. Ben and Betty Tanksley have pioneered some innovative water capturing techniques to create an oasis in the desert on their ranch in Brewster County, Texas. Bringing water to their ranch has benefited both the cattle and the local wildlife. Outdoor Clubbing State parks aren’t just for retirees in RV’s. Outdoor adventure clubs are gaining popularity around the state. See how these clubs are bringing together all kinds of folks with an active interest in the outdoors. Postcard From Texas Early morning at Gus Engeling Wildlife Management Area near Palestine, Texas. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show October 26-November 1, 2014, #2302 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS show #2302 October 26-November 1, 2014 The Paddlefish Project A freshwater fish older than the dinosaur is being returned to Caddo Lake in a grand experiment. Can restored water flows bring back a breeding population of paddlefish? A broad coalition of partners, from non-profits to landowners and government agencies, is working to answer this question. Lone Star Land Steward: Sky Lewey Meet Sky Lewey, a Nueces River rancher who takes care of her land and protects the wider watershed by reaching out to her neighbors. In her job with the Nueces River Authority, and on the Open V Ranch near Uvalde, this land steward helps keep a precious resource healthy. Battlefield of Answers Thanks to modern technology (and some old fashioned muscle), an important piece of Texas history is being preserved. At the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, archeologists have discovered artifacts from the 1836 Battle for Texas Independence. From bayonets to belt buckles, these new-found treasures will help detail the events of the day, all in an effort to better tell the story of how Texas came to be. Postcard From Texas Take a ride on the bike trails at Austin’s McKinney Falls State Park. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS Show October 19-25, 2014, #2301 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS show #2301 October 19-25, 2014 On the Right Track Using state of the art technology to help save one of the rarest birds in North America. Follow along as biologists track Whooping Cranes at the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge. Using satellite GPS technology the team hopes to help protect this endangered species. Swimming to Survive For Texas Game Wardens patrolling the water, drowning is a very real danger. We go underwater with some game wardens as they learn how they respond to aggressors on the water, rescue people from drowning and stay afloat wearing over 20 pounds of gear. Lone Star Land Steward: Winston 8 Ranch The Leopold Conservation Award winner for the Texas Parks and Wildlife 2014 Lone Star Land Steward awards is the Winston 8 Ranch in Nacogdoches County, Texas, managed by Simon Winston. The Winston's have worked hard to show that you can manage east Texas piney woods for the lumber business and for wildlife. A Day at Pedernales Pedernales State Park is no different than any other park – too much stuff to do and not enough people to do it. But thanks to a group of volunteers, the work gets done and park visitors are the ones who benefit. You’ll meet some of these “park helpers”, and find out why they are so incredibly enthusiastic about doing work that can at times be a little mundane. Postcard From Texas Relax on a rainy day at Caddo Lake. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS April 13-19, 2014, #2226 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2226 April 13-19, 2014 A Man in Paradise The Rio Grande Valley is a haven for birds and birders alike. For Father Tom Pincelli, this area is an earthly paradise. Follow along as Father Tom finds beauty and inspiration in some unusual birding spots. Stone Skipping Return to a simpler time as kids of all ages compete to see who's the best stone-skipper around. It's the World Stone Skipping Championship in Wimberley, Texas. A Long Way to Seadrift The Texas Water Safari is touted as the toughest non-stop boat race in the world, starting in San Marcos and ending in Seadrift 260 miles later. Over the past thirty years, an entire subculture has developed among the participants and their families. We'll ride along with some of the contestants in the most extreme of canoe races. Postcard From Texas Texas Parks & Wildlife television producer Ron Kabele recently retired after 22 years of state service. Every segment in this show was produced by Ron. We say thanks and take a look at some of Ron's other contributions. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS April 6-12, 2014, #2225 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2225 April 6-12, 2014 Natural Wasteland Birding hotspots are not always where you might expect them to be. See the sights, hear the sounds, and smell the smells of a "marginal nature" haven. Parks & Wildlife People: Greg Creacy In 2011, the most destructive wildfire in Texas history roared through Bastrop State Park. Meet one of the biologists that helped fight the fire, and now works to reforest the park. Texas Eagles on the Move The Bald Eagle is now off the endangered species list, and more Eagles are calling Texas home. We visit a couple of Eagle nests, and learn that these birds now have a new challenge on the horizon. Outdoor Info: Tree Stand Safety Hunters who use tree stands need to be very careful. Each year, the improper use of these devices lead to a significant number of accidents and tragedies. We offer advice on how to climb a tree safely. Postcard From Texas Water images in black & white. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov.tv

PBS March 30-April 5, 2014, #2224 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2224 March 30-April 5, 2014 Below Texas: Beneath the Surface Our four part series concludes with footage of the Lone Star State in a way we don't normally get to see. Travel below the rim of Palo Duro Canyon, immerse yourself in a clear Texas river, and travel deep in the Gulf of Mexico, exploring our natural and artificial reefs. Lake Livingston State Park Lake Livingston State Park is a popular haven for camping, fishing, hiking, and horseback riding. Tall pine trees shade the picnic and campground areas, while an eighty five thousand acre reservoir provides miles of shoreline to play on and enjoy. Most any kind of fun you can do outdoors, you can do here. Parks & Wildlife People: Alejandro Farias Some people find lots of numbers on spreadsheets rather boring and tedious. Not Alejandro Farias. Lots and lots of data is what make him happy. He also enjoys finding new technology and techniques to reduce the time it takes to compile complicated reports, sometimes using Ninja philosophy. The Last Stand The pristine coastal prairie landscape is disappearing at a rapid rate in Texas. Once covering millions of acres, less than a tenth of a percent of the original prairie remains. But there is a movement underway to turn things around. Meet some of these prairie patriots who are working to restore coastal prairies back to Texas. Postcard From Texas White-tailed deer eat breakfast on a winter morning. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS March 23-29, 2014, #2223 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2223 March 23-29, 2014 The Last Dance? Historically there used to be one million Attwater's prairie-chickens throughout the coastal prairies of Texas and Louisiana, now less than one percent remain. We follow along as biologists deal with one of the toughest breeding seasons on record, as they struggle to save one of the most endangered birds in all of Texas. Kickapoo Cavern State Park Bats, birds and caverns are what you'll find at this secluded state park. Located north of Del Rio, you can experience the flight of the Mexican free-tailed bat, have a guided cavern tour to see the largest column formation in Texas, and possibly see the endangered golden-cheeked warbler while exploring the park. Parks & Wildlife People: Radio Team What do you do when the Federal Communication Commission mandates that all U.S. 2-way radio systems be converted to narrowband frequencies, in a short time and with limited dollars? If you're part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's fleet and radio team, you get to work, and get it done. On time, and under budget. Mystery of the Tarpon Heralded for their awe-inspiring jumps and tenacious power, tarpon are the stuff from which fish tales are spun. But over the last couple decades, their populations have taken a serious dive. Today, a group of scientists are trying to learn about the biology of this Postcard from Texas Lots of folks enjoy at day at the beach. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS March 16-22, 2014, #2222 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2222 March 16-22, 2014 Restoring a Texas Treasure The Guadalupe Bass lives in the cool running waters of the Texas Hill Country. But over the last few decades, competition from the popular small-mouth bass population has reduced the Guadalupe Bass to near extinction. Discover what fisheries biologists at the Heart of the Hills Fisheries Science Center are doing to bring back the official state fish of Texas. Lake Casa Blanca International State Park For folks in and around Laredo a great place to cool off is Lake Casa Blanca International State Park. From the fishing to the camping Lake Casa Blanca is perfect place for a good ole' South Texas siesta. Wild Things: Texas Symbols Everybody knows the bluebonnet is the state flower, but what is the state sea shell? The state reptile? The state flying mammal? A Scar on the Flats As more anglers discover the shallow waters of the Texas Gulf Coast, there is growing concern about what this increased traffic is doing to the fragile sea grasses. Learn how to get to where the fish are without damaging this vital habitat. Postcard From Texas The South Llano River is home to the native Guadalupe Bass and it's a major attraction to the hill country town of Junction. Now this nearly constant water level river is one of the latest additions to the Texas Paddling Trails network. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS March 9-15, 2014, #2221 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2221 March 9-15, 2014 What Wardens Do The title "Texas Game Warden" evokes an iconic image of selfless peace officers protecting our natural resources. But few of us are aware of their wide range of responsibilities. We'll follow some of these men and women, from the rutted dirt tracks of the High Plains Canyon Country, to the storm-crossed waters of the Gulf Coast. Outdoor Info: Turkey Calls Steve Hall shows you how to make some basic turkey calls, and when to use each one. Mother Neff State Park Not too far southwest of Waco is a hidden gem of a state park. It's a great place to take a hike through the woods, or just contemplate nature. Stripers in Production Follow the life cycle of striped bass. From fertilization to hatching, to stocking and finally catching, this popular game fish is getting a helping hand from Texas Parks and Wildlife biologists. Postcard From Texas Fiddler crabs are pretty busy looking for food on the Texas coast. For stations and air times: http:://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS March 2-8, 2014, #2220 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2220 March 2-8, 2014 Chasing a Ghost In 2005 news of the extinct Ivory Billed Woodpecker being found in the woods of Arkansas electrified the birding community. Now a team is searching for the elusive Ivory Billed here in Texas. We followed the Texas team for six months as they explore the bird's historic range, The Big Thicket National Preserve in East Texas. From using state of the art technology to good ole foot power, see what it takes to try and find a bird that hasn't been seen in 60 years. 50 Years Later, Same Photo A 50-year old family photo taken at Inks Lake State Park leads to an interesting reunion and a renewed interest in getting outside. A Place to Hunt Finding a place to hunt is getting more difficult by the season for many Texas hunters. A family from Houston who hunt doves has found the perfect solution: the Annual Public Hunting Permit. This permit allows hunters access to over 1 million acres of land all across the state. Lift, Drift, Pole, Troll Get some quick tips on how to successfully navigate the shallow flats of the coast without harming the sensitive seagrasses. Postcard from Texas Chase Fountain is a photographer for Texas Parks and Wildlife. We'll showcase some of his favorite shots, along with some of his thoughts and behind-the-scenes comments. For stations and air times: http:://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS February 23-March 1, 2014, #2219 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2219 February 23-March 1, 2014 Texas Tussle, A Gator Hunt It's a hot muggy afternoon in an east Texas marsh, and it's time to hunt for alligators. We tag along with some lucky hunters that get a chance of a lifetime to hunt alligators at J.D. Murphree Wildlife Management Area.   Wild Game Cooking: Alligator Chili Relleno Austin chef Jeff Martinez shows us a unique way to cook Texas alligator with a south of the border twist. Outdoor Info: Leave No Trace The mantra of the true outdoors lover is "Leave no trace". Here's some ideas for leaving the environment better than you found it. Balancing Act Todd Imboden is a true homegrown product of Texas Parks & Wildlife, starting with the department when he was just out of his teens. From his humble beginnings as a janitor some 30 years ago, he now heads up Palmetto State Park, a jewel in the Texas State Park System. We'll spend a few days with this super superintendent as he juggles his time between work and family. Postcard From Texas Relax with fall colors in a few east Texas state parks. For stations and air times: http:://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

PBS February 16-22, 2014, #2218 - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks & Wildlife PBS Show #2218 February 16-22, 2014 Spreading His Wings Wildlife biologist Ken Rice has spent his entire life in the Corpus Christi area. Now, he's sharing his passion for anything coastal with kids and their families. One of those children is Joe, a seventh grader who tracks the movement of birds from his inner-city housing project. Fishing Hall of Fame: Ed Parten Edward Parten of Kingwood has devoted a large part of his life to helping preserve and improve habitat for fisheries in Texas. He's the lone inductee into the Texas Freshwater Fisheries Hall of Fame. Policing Pollution Texas Game Wardens do much more than just enforce the game laws. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Wardens who keep our water clean and air clear by pursuing those who violate environmental laws. Postcard From Texas Watch as the sun sets on the mountains out from Balmorhea. For stations and air times: http://www.tpwd.texas.gov/tv

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