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Paddling Texas Trails - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

There are more than 15 major river systems and 3,700 named streams that meander through nearly 200,000 miles of Texas landscape. But finding a place to put in or take out a kayak or canoe can be difficult since much of the land on both sides of the bank is privately owned. Now Texas Parks and Wildlife has a plan to help get folks on the rivers by creating a series of paddling trails near urban areas. For more information on where to paddle and rent boats, see http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/fishboat/boat/paddlingtrails/

Telemetry tracking GFX-Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Satellite tracking of endangered Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles carrying transmitters on their shells.

Tracking Kemp's Ridley Turtles - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A four-million-year-old species is telling us what it needs to survive. On the Texas coast, scientists are working to assess the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on the endangered Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtle. The turtle's primary nesting beaches are in Mexico, but in the U.S, Texas hosts more nesting Ridley's than any other state, providing a unique opportunity for oil spill assessment. For more information on sea turtles in Texas, see http://www.nps.gov/pais/naturescience/stsr.htm

Help Bastrop State Park Win $100,000 for Wildfire Recovery

Vote for Bastrop State Park to win a nationwide contest for a $100,000 grant. Cast your vote at http://www.livepositively.com/parks. You do not have to be signed in to Facebook.

Zebra Mussels - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

There are some new regulations affecting boat owners in Texas. Folks moving boats with water still in bilges or live wells from certain north Texas lakes could be subject to fines. The new law is part of a continuing effort to protect state waters from invasive species, the latest culprit being zebra mussels. For more information, see http://www.texasinvasives.org/action/report_detail.php?alert_id=2

Mother's Day at Texas State Parks - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A group of moms discover that a Mother's Day outing to a state park is a great way for families to bond. Find nearby parks, picnic ideas and more at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/state-parks/parks/things-to-do/holidays/mothers-day

Texas' Largest Fish Hatchery Suspends Operations Due to Drought

The Dundee State Fish Hatchery near Wichita Falls has temporarily suspended operations due the declining water supply. The hatchery is the primary producer of striped bass and hybrid striped bass. For more information about the hatchery, see http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/fishboat/fish/management/hatcheries/dundee.phtml

Devil's River SNA Public Meetings - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks and Wildlife is looking for public input on one of its latest land acquisitions. The Devils River State Natural Area south unit won't be open for at least another year, but park officials are taking comments now on a proposed public use plan. The 18-thousand acre property, with miles of prime river frontage, was purchased last year thanks to millions in private donations. devilsrivercomment@tpwd.state.tx.us

School of Fishing - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Research shows that getting kids outdoors makes them happier, healthier and smarter so one school district near Houston is making that happen. Elementary students are getting angler certified and competing in an annual fishing derby as a way to motivate kids in school and bring families together. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report.

Battleship TEXAS Dry Berth - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Dry berth of the Battleship TEXAS State Historic Site

9-Year Boating Fatality Case Ends - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A hit and run boating fatality case ends after nine years. A 2002 boat crash that claimed the life of a Lampasas teenager and injured two others is close. Travis Aaron Marburger pleaded guilty to a third-degree felony charge of failure to stop and render aid involving a fatal accident.

Women's Goose Hunt - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas Parks and Wildlife hosts an all women's goose hunt near Bay City, Texas. For information on hunting, including how to get started, see http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/hunt/. Also check out our Becoming an Outdoors Woman Program at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/learning/bow/

Campfire USA - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

For more than 100 years, Campfire USA has been involving young people in the outdoors and in their communities. In Central Texas, an annual fundraising effort took on a new twist when the group swapped candy sales for service work. Texas Parks and Wildlife has this report about how one project is helping a state park deal with the drought.

Bastrop State Park Rains, Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Bastrop State Park Rains. An update on the conditions at the park after heavy rains and flooding on January 26, 2012. Lots of erosion and work to be done. AmeriCorps workers cleaning out clogged culverts, building wind rows, and doing some great work. Yes, you can still got camping and hiking in some areas of the park. It's a good idea to call the park (512-321-2101) or check the website (www.tpwd.state.tx.us) before you visit. FriendsOfLostPines.org AmeriCorps.gov AmericanYouthWorks.org

Oyster Season Shutdown-Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

One of the longest outbreaks of Red Tide in Texas history may be letting up in some areas along the coast but not in time to save this season's $30-million dollar Texas oyster industry. The red tide blow comes after 2010's BP oil spill and 2008's Hurricane Ike destroyed 60 percent of the oysters in Galveston Bay. Now the ongoing drought is causing high salinity levels in Texas bays and disease in many shellfish. One shining light - oyster reef restoration efforts continue and unharvested oysters today will have a chance to filter out toxins and spawn in the spring. To learn more about oysters in Texas, see http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/huntwild/wild/species/easternoyster/

A Plea for the Parks - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Record drought, destructive wildfires and a dramatic drop in visitation have all sparked a new sense of urgency to raise revenue to keep parks open. More info at http://www.texasstateparks.org/givenow

Drought Survival - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The drought has taken a toll on everything from wildlife to water bills. To help Texans cope, Texas Parks and Wildlife is offering a Drought Survival Kit http://www.texasthestateofwater.org/

Toyota Texas Bass Classic 2011-Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The fifth annual Toyota Texas Bass Classic is coming up October 28-30 in Conroe and the big news this year is the entire event is free if you get your tickets in advance! Details at http://toyotatexasbassclassic.com/

Buescher State Park Opens - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

While much of Bastrop County was engulfed in wildfire, nearby Buescher State Park was left unscathed. With wildfire under control, the park is back open for business. http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/findadest/parks/buescher/

2011 Dove Forecast - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

A look at the drought's affect on dove populations and hunter opportunity. Hunters can help biologists with population monitoring by reporting the band number on banded doves. Bands can be reported at the toll free number 1-800-327-BAND (2263) or online at www.reportband.gov

Wildfire at Bastrop State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Firefighters work to save Bastrop State Park in the "Lost Pines" area of central Texas near Austin and home to the endangered Houston Toad. More information at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/newsmedia/releases/?req=20110906a

See how fast wildfire spreads - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Video shot September 5, 2011 on the north edge of Bastrop State Park near Austin. All but about 100 acres of the 6,000-acre park have been blackened by fire. Firefighters have been battling blazes for 3 days. At this point, historic CCC buildings are still intact. For more information, see http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/

Project WILD Links Students and Wildlife - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Project WILD incorporates wildlife conservation and environmental themes into k-12 school curriculum http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/learning/project_wild/ http://www.projectwild.org/

High School Sharp Shooters - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Over 400 high school students participated in a statewide sporting clays competition at the National Shooting Complex in San Antonio. This new sport is gaining traction in Texas schools. Advocates say it teaches kids safety, agility, and teamwork. More info at http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/learning/hunter_education/shooting_opportunities.phtml

Show What Drives You with a Texas Conservation Plate - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Put one of these conservation license plates on your vehicle, motorcycle or trailer and show off your love for the outdoors.Each plate costs just $30, and $22 goes directly to help fund conservation efforts right here in Texas http://www.conservationplate.org/

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