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Never Happens: True Stories About Water Safety - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

While it's easy to think it will never happen to us, these are real stories from survivors of accidents on the water. For information on boating safety, boaters education and how to choose the right life jacket, visit

Paddling Trails of Texas - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Paddle along as we explore some of the state's best paddling trips. Details, including rental info. at

Tracing a Texas River: The Guadalupe - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

This story traces the Guadalupe River from its headwaters all the way down to the Gulf, highlighting some of the things you see and can do along the way. For more on Texas rivers, see

River Access, A Few Things to Know - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

River Access, A Few Things to Know Before your next Texas river trip, check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department's web page. You'll be able to find out the rules and regulations regarding public river access in the state. And you'll find all kinds of useful information about fishing, paddling times, put in and take out points. Watch the Texas Parks & Wildlife television show on Texas PBS stations:

The Rio Grande- Down But Not Out Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Join a group of 8th graders as they raft down the Rio Grande. This 2005 outdoor adventure is more of an outdoor classroom, as the children learn all about the pressures on this once mighty river. From the fight for its precious water, to the invasive trees and shrubs that threaten to take over the river. This is a tale of a river thats down but not out...just yet.

The Red River - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The River Runs Red The Red River is a dividing line full of interesting people and tales. Travel this historic corridor along the Texas - Oklahoma border. This segment airs on the Texas Parks and Wildlife television show the week of December 25-31, 2012, and repeats the week of June 24-30, 2012, on the Texas PBS stations.

Guarding the Nest- Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

When birds are nesting on islands along the Texas coast people need to keep their distance and avoid disturbing them. For more info., see

Whooping Whooping Cranes-Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Wintering whooping cranes on the Texas coast, foraging and whooping.

SeaCamp Students Solve Fishy Mysteries - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Kids at Texas A&M's SeaCamp solve mysteries using biology, chemistry, and physics. Their lab experiences are paralleled with the work done in the "real world" by Texas Parks & Wildlife's Forensics group in San Marcos.

The Oyster King - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

For 60 years Dr. Sammy Ray has studied oysters and the Texas bays in which they live.

Village Creek Paddling Trail - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Village Creek State Park near Beaumont is the site of the latest Texas paddling trail. This 21 mile trail meanders through towering pines with multiple access points. Boat rentals available. Info. at

Enjoy Public Paddling Trails - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Texas has a network of paddling trails that are free and open to the public. They're a great way to explore the outdoors. Visit for information on trails and boat rentals.

Don't Let Invasives Take Over Texas Lakes - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Here's how you can help prevent invasive species such as Giant Salvinia and Zebra Mussels from harming Texas lakes. More info. at

Texas Clipper Artificial Reef - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[cc] Texas Parks and Wildlife sank a 7000-ton ship 17 nautical miles off the coast of South Padre Island to create an artificial reef on the barren sandy bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. It has become a haven for marine life, anglers and divers. For more information on the artificial reef program, visit

Oil Rigs Recycled as Artificial Reefs in the Gulf (Reef Site HI-A-298)

Obsolete petroleum platforms are recycled into artificial reefs that provide habitat for marine life

Texas Clipper Sunk for Artificial Reef (Reef Site PS-1122)

Watch the sinking of the historic WWII ship, the Texas Clipper, to create an artificial reef for marine life in the Gulf of Mexico.

Nobody's Waterproof PSA with Kevin Fowler - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Country music star Kevin Fowler gives some boating safety tips in our "Nobody's Waterproof" public service announcement. Learn more at

Giant Salvinia PSA (30 sec.) - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Giant salvinia is an invasive plant that suffocates fish, chokes lakes and can double in size every 7 days. The giant salvinia monster stars in this public service announcement about how to stop it from spreading. Learn more at Go behind the scenes

Giant Salvinia PSA (15 sec.) - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Giant salvinia is an invasive plant that suffocates fish, chokes lakes and can double in size every 7 days. The giant salvinia monster stars in this public service announcement about how to stop it from spreading. Learn more at Go behind the scenes

Giant Salvinia Campaign - Texas Parks & Wildlife [Official]

Get a behind-the-scenes look at a public service announcement about the threat of giant salvinia, an invasive plant that's choking Texas waters. See the PSA at Learn more at

YR Navy Barge Turned to Artificial Reef (Reef Site PS-1169L)

An old Navy dive barge has been recycled into an artificial reef in the Gulf of Mexico to create habitat for marine life

Heroes on the Water - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[cc] A story from 1/08 about The Kayak Anglers Society of America, an organization that provides free fishing trips to wounded veterans. These vets take a break from their stay at the Brooke Army Medical Center to enjoy an outing at Blanco State Park. For more information, visit

Lady Bird Lake Paddling Trail Opens in Austin - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

The newest Texas paddling trail opens on Lady Bird Lake in downtown Austin. Maps and lakeside boat rentals make it easy to hit the water in the heart of Austin. Paddle to popular local sites such as Zilker Park, Barton Springs Pool and the Congress Avenue bridge bats. For more information on this and other paddling trails, visit

Fun Ways to Cool Off this Summer - Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Don't let the hot Texas summers keep you trapped indoors. Here are ways you can have fun outside and stay cool at the same time. It'll cost a lot less than running your air conditioner full blast! For more information on outdoor fun, visit

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