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Lake Monticello - 2003 Survey Report

Prepared by Michael J. Ryan and Michael W. Brice
Inland Fisheries Division
District 3-A, Marshall, Texas

This is the authors' summary from a 25-page report. For a copy of the complete report, use the download link in the sidebar.

Lake Monticello was surveyed in 2003-2004 using gill nets, trap nets, and electrofishing to survey the fish community. A creel survey was conducted December through February 2002 to determine angler utilization and harvest. Aquatic vegetation and access facilities also were surveyed. This report summarizes the results of the surveys and contains a management plan for the reservoir based on those findings.

Reservoir Description

Lake Monticello is located on Blundell and Smith creeks in the Cypress River Basin and is used as a cooling reservoir for lignite-fueled power generation and public recreation. Water levels are stable, maintained by surface run-off and a supplemental water supply from Bob Sandlin Reservoir. Angler and boat access is adequate; however, there are no ADA-specific facilities. Structural habitat is comprised of inundated timber, brush, and creek channels (Ryan and Brice 2000). Aquatic macrophytes occupy <5 % of the basin with American lotus being the dominant species. Heated effluent associated with power production limits available fish habitat during summer months. Water temperatures approach and sometimes exceed 95°F in the epilimnion during July through September severely reducing preferred habitat for fish, contributing to occasional fish kills (Ryan et al. 1986).

Fish Community

Management Strategies

The fishery needs to be managed under existing harvest regulations. High water temperatures (>95°F) during summer months continue to be a management concern as occasional fish kills occur during worst-case conditions. Thermal stressors may also be repressing recruitment and reducing longevity of certain species. The fish community and angler usage should continue to be monitored. Construction of a fishing pier (meeting ADA specifications) would improve fishing access to non-boating anglers. Installation of a weatherproof bulletin board at the Titus County Park headquarters would provide anglers with a variety of fishing information. We will continue to keep anglers informed about fishing opportunities at Lake Monticello through local press releases and public presentations.

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