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Waco Reservoir - 2003 Survey Report

Prepared by John Tibbs and Michael S. Baird
Inland Fisheries Division
District 2-B, Waco, Texas

This is the authors' summary from a 38-page report. For a copy of the complete report, use the download link in the sidebar.

Waco Reservoir was surveyed in the fall of 2003 by boat electrofishing and trap netting, and spring of 2004 by gill netting. This report summarizes survey results and contains a management plan for the reservoir based on those findings.

Reservoir Description

Waco Reservoir is supplied by the North, Middle, and South Bosque Rivers within the Brazos River Basin, McLennan County. The reservoir is used for flood control, municipal water supply, and recreation. Its conservation pool was permanently raised in October 2003, from 455 to 462 feet above mean sea level, to increase municipal water storage capacity. The now 8,465-acre impoundment has the same drainage area of 1,670 square miles, a new storage capacity of 104,100 acre-feet, and a new shoreline length of 60 miles. Mean and maximum depths are now 28.0 and 92.0 feet respectively. Fall electrofishing was performed prior to the pool rise, and shoreline fish habitat mostly consisted of rocky shoreline, inundated stumps, and water willow. Trap netting and gill netting was performed post pool rise, and new habitat consisted almost exclusively of flooded riparian forest and small amounts of rocky shoreline. Bank fishing is limited to a few day-use areas on the reservoir proper. Boat access on the reservoir is excellent with all 10 public boat ramps having been re-vamped to accommodate the pool rise. Currently, there are no handicap-specific facilities, but a handicap accessible fishing pier is in the works.

Fish Community

Management Strategies

Based on current information, Waco Reservoir should continue to be managed with current regulations. Increased sampling effort will be expended over the next four years to determine the effects of the pool rise on sportfish populations. Construction of a fishing pier by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers will be encouraged.

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Performance Report as required by Federal Aid in Sport Fish Restoration Act Texas Federal Aid Project F-30-R-29 Statewide Freshwater Fisheries Monitoring and Management Program

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