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Passes Available for use at Texas State Parks

Image of the Texas State Parks Pass

Texas State Parks Pass

The Texas State Parks Pass is an annual pass that offers many special benefits. As a passholder, you and your guests can enjoy unlimited visits to more than 90 State Parks, and enter without paying the daily entrance fee (card holder and physical pass must be present). You can also receive exciting discounts on camping (restrictions apply), park store merchandise and recreational equipment rentals and be eligible for other specials.

The single Texas State Park Pass (Primary Pass) may be purchased for $70. An additional (secondary) pass may be purchased for $25. Primary and Secondary pass holders must reside at the same address. The primary pass may be replaced, one time, for a fee of $10. Secondary passes may not be replaced.

State Parks Passes can be purchased on site at any Texas State Park location, and can be used on your very first visit. Or, you can purchase your Parks Pass from the State Park Customer Service Center, by calling (512) 389-8900. Purchases made through the Customer Service Center will be charged an additional shipping and handling fee.

Provide your e-mail address to the attendant at the time of your Parks Pass purchase and receive e-mail updates and the Monthly Getaway Planner to stay connected to park information, events, news and special focus articles!

The Rules & Benefits of the Texas State Parks Pass Program.

Image of the Texas Parklands Passport

Texas Parklands Passport

A Texas Parklands Passport is a special pass enacted by the Texas Legislature and may be issued to individuals who meet eligibility requirements as outlined in Title 31 Texas Administrative Code.

Grid showing Qualifications & Rules for Texas Parklands Passport. This information is available as text in the unordered list above.
Image of the Youth Group Annual Pass

Youth Group Annual Pass

The Youth Group Annual Pass is a special program for youth groups 13-17 years of age. Purchased as an annual pass for nonprofit youth groups, the permit waives entry fees for youth group members (13-17 years of age) and a reasonable number of accompanying adult sponsors. The permit is $100 per year and is limited to groups of 50. Youth Group Annual Entrance Permit can be applied for through the Customer Service Center at (512) 389-8900. This application will then be processed and fulfilled by Austin Headquarters. You will be required to provide proof of non-profit status and certify that the age group involves youth between the ages of 13-17.

Effective November 15, 2011: Due to the time constraints associated with approving and fulfilling the Youth Group Annual Pass applications, completed applications and proper documentation must be submitted to the Customer Service Center at least two weeks prior to your next park visit. Passes sold within two weeks of planned visit may not be received by applicant prior to park visit. The Youth Group Annual Pass card must be presented at time of check-in to receive the benefit of waived entry fees. If the Youth Group Annual Pass card is not presented at the time of check-in, park staff will be required to charge the appropriate entry fees. Sales receipts or other proof of purchase will not be accepted in lieu of physical card.

Image of some of the available Restricted Annual Activity Passes.

Restricted Annual Activity Passes

Restricted Annual Activity Passes are pass types available at some parks that provide restricted use for participation in, or access to, a limited activity in a specific park. Activity Passes are not entrance passes and do not grant presence privileges to parks on a day use basis. The annual activity pass waives activity fees (swimming, golfing etc.) or provides access to an activity (boat storage/use). Entrance fees for general park day use may apply if a visitor participating in an activity chooses to remain in the park to participate in park facilities and services. Rules, expiration dates, and application method vary with each activity pass type; please contact the issuing park for details.

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