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4 ShareLunkers Entered from this Water Body
# Date Angler Name Home Town Weight Length Girth Water Body Photo & Details
446 03/09/2008 Jeremy Bruton Blooming Grove, TX 13.05 25.25 22 Richland-Chambers Bruton's fish
290 03/07/1999 Darrell Proffitt Jasper, TX 13.89 25.75 21.5 Richland-Chambers Proffitt's fish
263 03/18/1997 Mark Menendez Paducah, KY 13.56 25 22 Richland-Chambers Menendez's fish
221 04/22/1995 Brian Scott Arnold Weatherford, TX 14.25 26.5 21 Richland-Chambers Arnold's fish
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