Alerts . . . 


Alerts . . . 

May 24, 2017 - Construction projects are underway through June 30, 2017. Expect possible delays and detours. Use caution on Park Rd. 1C and when hiking along Harmon Rd.

Heavy machinery will be working next to the cabins and at the park entrance. Construction vehicles will be using Harmon Rd., and Park Rd. 1C between the Park Rd. 1C/1A intersection and Harmon Rd. 

Some areas of the park are closed due to flood and fire damage. Trails inside the Park Rd. 1A loop, the brown trail and the purple trail to Harmon Rd. are open, but the purple trail east of Harmon Rd. and the orange trail remain closed. Due to dam failure, the park's 10-acre lake is gone. Please obey all signs and barricades for closed areas at the park. For more information, visit our Wildfire & Flood Damage page.

Contact the park for the latest information.