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“Habitats & History” Summer Camp

Come experience a week full of history, fun, and the great outdoors. Our week-long summer program combines all aspects of the site. Download the brochure for more information.

Educational Programs

Many fun, educational opportunities are available to students. We hope that you will allow your students to take a whole day to step back in time and experience life on the Battleship Texas and experience history as it was in the days of Sam Houston and Santa Anna.

Educators need to schedule field trips in advance by calling (281) 479-2431. Tour scheduling may be made up to a year in advance.It will take two calls to schedule your trip: (1) tour the Battleship and (2) visit to the Museum, the Observation Floor of the Monument, attend the multimedia presentation "Texas Forever." No reservations are necessary to visit the Battleground.

The Field Trip Guidelines for the San Jacinto Battleground and Battleship Texas provide teachers with hints and rules for your fun, interactive day at the Battleship Texas State Historic Site.

San Jacinto Battleground

  • Battleground Tour - Take a trip back to April 21, 1836, as Sam Houston led his Texan volunteers into a battle that would change the course of Texas and the United States. Students will learn about the events that led these two armies to the banks of Buffalo Bayou. Students will then be led on a tour of the battlefield, starting from the Texan Camp and following their charge toward the Mexican camp and Santa Anna’s tent.

San Jacinto Marsh

  • 2nd–5th Grade: "A Day in the Marsh" - This activity introduces the students to the marsh ecosystem. Students will learn about what types of plants and animals live in the marsh and participate in a "Critter Catch." They will then take a short nature walk and observe some of the different types of birds and other animals that inhabit this ecosystem.
  • 6th–8th Grade: "Ecosystems at San Jacinto" - Students will learn about the three ecosystems present at San Jacinto SHS. They will participate in a short “Critter Catch” before heading off on a nature walk to examine the bottomland forest and see how we are restoring the area.
  • 9th–12th Grade: "A Healthy Marsh" - Students will conduct a series of tests to determine the overall health of the marsh ecosystem. They will then participate in a short "Critter Catch" before grabbing a pair of binoculars for some birding along our nature trail.

Make your reservations today!

Call (281) 479-2431, x234 to make reservations.

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