Big Bend Ranch State Park

The park will be closed on the following dates in December and January for wildlife management activities...

Chorro Vista

Looking north towards the Solitario.

Tucked away against a north/south ridgeline is the Chorro Vista Campsite. Located on a sloping surface near several deep canyons, the site offers an unlimited view of the western and southern skies. Chorro Vista sits in a transitional ecotone environment where a variety of plant and animal communities exist. Nearby canyons, springs, mesas and vegetation offer photography galore. Sunrises and sunsets are awesome at this campsite.

GPS Coordinates (NAD83):

Access:  Four-wheel drive high clearance.

Getting there (all distances and travel times are approximate):

  • Located in the Javalin Backcountry Zone

Nearby Trails:

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A nearby canyon.

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