On the following dates in November through December 2016, most of the park will be closed, except the campsites along FM170 and backcountry camping along the Rancharias Loop . . . .

Los Ojitos

ojitos 1 small

Looking southwest toward the spring.

ojitos 3 small

The campsite.

ojitos 4 small

Los Ojitos Spring.

ojitos 2 small

Looking southwest.

Los Ojitos is reached by a turnoff on the south side of the road a short distance west of Sauceda Headquarters. It is sited in an open valley with hills to the south and southwest that provide some protection from the prevailing winds. Los Ojitos Spring, with a small grove of cottonwoods, is less than a football field away. The tracks tell the story of the spring's popularity with a variety of wildlife.

Short hikes through the canyon, bird-watching and wildlife viewing are popular. In the spring, the site is surrounded by a profusion of desert plants. The surrounding gently rolling terrain makes this a good site for families with younger kids.

Access:  Two-wheel drive.

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