Cedar Hill State Park


In 1854, John Anderson Penn settled in the rugged, cedar-covered hills of southwest Dallas County - an area known as the Cedar Mountains. Today, remnants of the original Penn Farm survive intact in the confines of Cedar Hill State Park. Cedar Hill State Park is a 1,826-acre urban nature preserve located on the 7,500-acre Joe Pool Reservoir. The park's proximity to major metropolitan cities makes it an ideal destination for families that want to enjoy the great outdoors without spending precious time driving. The ruggedness and scenic beauty of the area, combined with over 100 miles of shoreline and opportunities for water-based recreation, make the park a popular attraction. The Metroplex skyline reflects on Joe Pool at night, adding to the relaxing atmosphere. The park was acquired in 1982 and was opened in 1991.

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The Penn Farm Agricultural Center

Penn Farm Agricultural History Center pays tribute to the disappearing Texas family farm and affords a glimpse into agrarian history when farm machinery took the place of the horse and mule almost a century ago. The Farm is open seven days a week to self-guided tours. There are reconstructed and historic buildings from the mid-1800s through the mid-1900s. Penn Farm has a very relaxing atmosphere and is perfect for family walks. Self-guided and guided tours are available. Special tours can be set up for school groups or other groups. Call (972) 291-5940 for more information.

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