Dinosaur Valley State Park

The park will be closed on the following dates in January....

Citizens Park Ranger Academy

Dinosaur Valley State Park Citizens’ Park Ranger Academy helps area residents learn about their local state park. Consider the academy a gateway to building long-lasting partnerships. After attending, students should have an in-depth understanding and appreciation of Dinosaur Valley State Park, the Texas State Park system, our staff, and Texas State Parks’ purpose and mission.

The upcoming academy will take place at the park from September 20 – October 18, 2014. 
Students will meet from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Saturday for five weeks.  Enrollment is limited.

  • Week 1: Registration, Welcome, Texas State Parks Mission and Wildland Fire Fighting Operations
  • Week 2: Park Field Operations
  • Week 3:  Cultural Resource Programs
  • Week 4: Search and Rescue Operations and Park Law Enforcement
  • Week 5: Interpretive Programs, Graduation and Certificates

If you are interested in the academy, or need more information, e-mail Tracy Mays or call (254) 897-4588.


  • Citizen’s Park Ranger Academy (CPRA) students must be 15 years of age or older. Students 15 to 17 years old must be enrolled in high school or the equivalent. 
  • Attending the CPRA is a privilege. We may ask students to leave the park if they become disruptive or are unable to follow safety protocols.
  • Students must sign a Texas State Park waiver to participate in CPRA activities. 
  • Students may not bring their children to the park unless they arrange adequate supervision. The park is unable to provide child care for CPRA students. Children can only attend the academy if they are CPRA students. 
  • Students must be prepared to walk, hike, crawl, dig, stand, jump, lift, and take on other physically demanding tasks as part of the CPRA. Students should immediately tell park staff if they are unable to perform any tasks. Students will still be able to participate, but may only be able to observe other students and staff.

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