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McKinney Falls State Park

July 14, 2015: The Rockshelter Trail and Smith Visitor Center are closed . . .


McKinney Falls State Park in Travis County, located in South Austin, is a 726-acre park acquired in 1970 from private donation. It opened to the public in 1976. The headquarters of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is next to the park.

The park is named for Thomas F. McKinney, who came to Texas in the early 1820s as one of Stephen F. Austin's first 300 colonists. Sometime between 1850 and 1852, McKinney moved to Travis County and to his property on Onion Creek, where he became a prominent breeder of racehorses with his own stable and private track. He used slave labor to build his large two-story home, stone fences and the first flour mill in the area.

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