Photo by Earl Nottingham of mountain-biking at Big Bend Ranch State Park

Biking in Texas State Parks

Texas State Parks offer the best biking in the state, no matter your skill level. Paved park roads are ideal for families, while adventure seekers can mountain-bike hundreds of miles of multiuse and single-track trails. Always wear a helmet. Bring a map, and carry plenty of water, extra snacks, and bike repair equipment. Consider wearing reflective clothing and lights to help motorists see you. Happy cycling!

Texas State Park Trail Ratings

These ratings can help you plan for trail difficulty, surface type, and available mileage. For trail distances, please see the park map.

  • Beginner Level: Requires basic riding skills. Terrain may be varied in composition but will have no steep grades, ledges, or ruts. Example; a flat unpaved jeep road or a flat paved road.
  • Intermediate Level: Requires off-road riding experience and some technical skill (for mountain bikers), or could be a paved road with moderately steep grades (for road bikers). Off-road terrain may have ruts and/or small ledges that may require dismounts. Example: a single- or double-track trail in rolling terrain with water bars or ruts.
  • Difficult Level: Requires expert-level skills to traverse potentially hazardous conditions (for mountain bikers); or could be a paved road with very steep grades. Example: a single-track trail with steep climbs, rocky terrain, water crossings, and unexpected drop-offs.

West Texas Riding (El Paso, Big Bend, San Angelo)

Park NameTrail RatingSpecial Trail ConditionsMilesTrail Type
Big Bend Ranch Beginner-Advanced Home to the only IMBA Epic ride in Texas, and a premier mountain-biking destination in the country. The 300,000-acre remote park offers single-track, multiuse trails, and historic roads. Bike rentals are available at the park.
Watch YouTube video of Mountain Biking at Big Bend Ranch S.P.
200+ Trail
Davis Mountains Intermediate For road biking there is a scenic 74-mile road loop which can be started and finished from the park (Hwy 118 to Hwy 166 to Hwy 17 and back to Hwy 118). The ride has earned a reputation as being just as difficult, and just as rewarding, as any ride in the state. 3.5 Paved
Devils River Beginner-Advanced The 12-mile loop offers a rugged experience for mountain bikers over varied terrain in one of the state's most pristine and beautiful natural areas. 12 Trail
Franklin Mountains Beginner-Advanced A combination of single-track and jeep roads offers mountain-bikers a taste of the Chihuahuan Desert and a dose of biking through some of West Texas' highest peaks. Be prepared for little shade and no water. 51 Trail
Kickapoo Cavern Beginner-Intermediate Multi-use trails provide an easy to moderate mountain-biking experience. 14 Trail

Hill Country Cycling (Austin, San Antonio)

Park NameTrail RatingSpecial Trail ConditionsMilesTrail Type
Bastrop Intermediate-Advanced Scenic ride through the Lost Pines on the paved Park Road 1C between Bastrop and Buescher State Parks. 12.5 Paved
Buescher Beginner-Intermediate The scenic, 12-mile paved road between Buescher and Bastrop state parks, which is winding and hilly, is ideal for biking but should be used only by experienced cyclists. Approximately six miles between the parks is private land; trespassing on private land and camping between parks is not permitted. The park also includes about 8 miles of trail riding through Pine trees and Cedar Elms. 20.3 Paved and Trail
Colorado Bend Beginner-Intermediate Mountain-bikers have access to 26 miles of multi-use trails over varied terrain.
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26 Trail
Government Canyon Beginner-Advanced There are numerous front country and back country hiking/biking trails available at this state natural area. Trails range in length so that bikers can create routes that work best for them.
Watch YouTube video about the bike trails at Government Canyon S.N.A.
26 Trail
Guadalupe River Intermediate-Advanced The park's multi-use loop trails provide scenic views and varied, rugged riding for mountain bikers. 10 Trail
Hill Country Beginner-Advanced Mixed single-track, double-track and jeep roads are available to mountain-bikers, with some steep hills and plenty of technical terrain. 40 Trail
Kickapoo Cavern Beginner-Intermediate Multi-use trails provide an easy to moderate mountain-biking experience. 14 Trail

Lyndon B. Johnson Beginner The park offers 2.5 miles of scenic hiking/biking trails. The trails offer a close-up look at the Texas Hill Country, and its wildlife and rich history. For road biking there is a scenic 9 mile paved loop through the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park which begins and ends at the Visitor Center. 11.5 Paved and Trail
McKinney Falls Beginner The park offers 3.5 miles of easy paved trails and 6 miles of multi-use trails for mountain-biking. It is possible to link both together for a longer ride. 9.5 Paved and Trail
Pedernales Falls Beginner-Intermediate Mountain-biking trails pass through hills dotted with oak and juniper woodlands and provide access to more heavily wooded areas. 20 Trail
South Llano River Beginner Approximately 25 miles of easy trails are available for mountain biking.  25 Trail

Panhandle and Plains (Lubbock, San Angelo, Abilene)

Park NameTrail RatingSpecial Trail ConditionsMilesTrail Type
Caprock Canyons Beginner-Advanced Park mountain-bike trails range from difficult, with cliffs and drop-offs, to trails with less than 3% grade. 16 Trail
Caprock Canyons Trailway Beginner-Intermediate The rail-to-trail facility (rail bed trail conversion) is mostly unpaved but not too rough; mostly flat; suitable for a mountain-bike or hybrid bike. 64 Trail
Copper Breaks Intermediate Mountain-biking terrain varies, with some rough ground, creek crossings and tough climbs. The Big Loop Trail cuts through rugged badlands that will take your breath away. 9.5 Trail
Fort Richardson - Lost Creek Reservoir Trailway Beginner-Intermediate The 10-mile multi-use trail is suitable for all types of use. The trail follows scenic Lost Creek and travels the east side of Lake Jacksboro and Lost Creek Reservoir. The trail crosses the dam at Lost Creek Reservoir and winds along the west side until you enter the trail head. There is a trail head at Fort Richardson State Park & Historic Site and a trail head on Lost Creek Reservoir. 10 Trail
Palo Duro Canyon Beginner-Advanced Road bikers can ride the 15-mile “Palo Duro Canyon Cruise” on the paved road park that starts at the park entrance and goes downhill toward the canyon. It is very steep coming back up, so riders might want to leave a vehicle at the canyon end if they choose not to bike up the hill. Ten miles of non-paved trails in the park offer easier riding.
Watch YouTube video of the Palo Duro Canyon 24 Hour Bike Race.
25 Paved and Trail
San Angelo Beginner-Advanced The park offers over 50 miles of multi-use trails for mountain-bikers at all experience levels. 50 Trail
Seminole Canyon Beginner-Intermediate Twelve miles of multiuse trails are available, ranging in difficulty from easy to moderately strenuous, in this ruggedly beautiful park. 12 Trail

Prairies and Lakes (Dallas, Waco, College Station)

Park NameTrail RatingSpecial Trail ConditionsMilesTrail Type
Bonham Beginner-Intermediate Enjoy an 8.8-mile trail for mountain-biking and hiking. 8.8 Trail
Cedar Hill Intermediate-Advanced The DORBA trail, named for the volunteers of the Dallas Off Road Biking Association, was built by mountain bikers for mountain bikers. Over 1200 acres of prime mountain bike landscape are crisscrossed with 15 miles of intense riding. This exciting trail is closed after rainfall so call 972/291-3900 and press star 2 for trail conditions.

Mountain bike rentals are available, March through October, from Live Adventure Kayaks (214) 284-2097
15 Trail
Cleburne Beginner-Advanced Mountain-biking trails offer 7 miles of beautiful scenery for all experience levels. 7 Trail
Dinosaur Valley Beginner-Intermediate The trail dips in and out of small valleys, over some exposed limestone and near some of the best-preserved dinosaur tracks in the world. 12 Trail
Eisenhower Beginner-Intermediate Approximately 2 miles is Beginner level, and 2 miles is Intermediate level (with steep grades and rock). 4 (8 miles round-trip) Trail
Fairfield Lake Beginner Twenty miles of trails near Lake Fairfield offer easy, scenic riding mountain bikers. 20 Trail
Fort Parker Beginner This historic park offers a multi-use trail that provides 2 miles of easy mountain-biking. 2 Trail
Lake Mineral Wells Beginner-Intermediate The trail way has an improved surface suitable for mountain bikes or road bikes. The route cuts through farm and ranchland, connecting the town of Weatherford to the downtown district of Mineral Wells. 20 Paved
Lake Mineral Wells Trailway Beginner-Intermediate Rail-to-trail facility (rail bed trail conversion) 21 Paved
Lake Somerville (Birch Creek Unit) Beginner Multi-use trails provide mountain bikers with a scenic, easy biking experience alongside Lake Somerville. 6 Trail
Lake Somerville (Nails Creek Unit) Beginner Multi-use trails provide mountain bikers with a scenic, easy biking experience alongside Lake Somerville. 4 Trail
Lake Somerville Trailway Beginner-Intermediate The multi-use trail way, located around the west end of the reservoir,  connects the Birch Creek Unit with the Nails Creek unit and provides an easy to moderate mountain-biking experience. 13 Trail
Lake Tawakoni Beginner Level with lots of twists and turns. 3 Trail
Meridian Beginner Paved roads. 5 Paved
Palmetto Beginner The new trail system offers 5.5 miles of easy riding on a crushed rock surface, complete with bridges and boardwalks, through a beautiful wetland. 5.5 Trail
Ray Roberts Lake (Isle Du Bois Unit) Beginner-Intermediate Nearly 17 miles of multi-use trails wind through the park, providing mountain-bikers with varied terrain and an easy to moderate experience. 16.5 Tral
Ray Roberts Lake (Johnson Branch Unit) Beginner-Intermediate Seven miles of multi-use trails wind through the park 7 Trail
Ray Roberts Lake - Greenbelt Corridor Beginner The corridor is a 20-mile multi-use trail system with 10 miles of hard-surface trail open to hikers and bikers. The trail has three trailheads and meanders along the heavily wooded banks of the Elm Fork Branch of the Trinity River. 10 Paved

Gulf Coast (Houston, Corpus Christi)

Park NameTrail RatingSpecial Trail ConditionsMilesTrail Type
Brazos Bend Beginner-Intermediate The parks offers 21 miles of easy mountain-biking.
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21 Trail
Galveston Island Beginner Four miles of easy multi-use trails provide mountain-bikers with opportunities to see wildlife and experience ocean views. 4 Trail
Huntsville Beginner-Intermediate All trails are under canopy from tall pine trees. Some trail sections are sandy. 18 Trail
Lake Bob Sandlin Beginner-Intermediate Trails offer 8 footbridges and a variety of foliage and wildlife viewing. 5 Trail
Lake Livingston Beginner Five miles of easy trails are available for mountain bikers. 5 Trail
Martin Dies, Jr. Beginner Four miles of trails provide an easy, scenic mountain-biking experience. 4 Trail
Mustang Island Beginner Primarily beach riding. 5 Beach
Stephen F. Austin Beginner Easy hiking and biking trails. Trails are fast, with a few slopes, but not technical. Trails have access to primitive fishing and the Brazos River scenic overlook. 6 Trail
Village Creek Beginner-Intermediate Mountain-bikers can explore heavily forested areas on the park's multi-use trails. 8 Trail

Piney Woods (Tyler)

Park NameTrail RatingSpecial Trail ConditionsMilesTrail Type
Martin Creek Lake Beginner-Intermediate The 6-mile mountain-biking trail winds through the park, providing an easy to moderate biking experience and abundant opportunities for wildlife viewing. 6 Trail
Purtis Creek Beginner The 4.3-mile Wolfpen Hike and Bike Trail provides an easy biking experience with wildlife viewing. 4.3 Trail
Tyler Beginner-Advanced Tyler is one of the top mountain-biking destinations in the state, offering challenges for all levels. The Pineywoods terrain includes hills, loops, and wildlife viewing opportunities. 13 Trail

South Texas Plains (Laredo, Brownsville)

Park NameTrail RatingSpecial Trail ConditionsMilesTrail Type
Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley Beginner Paved roads dedicated to biking, hiking and the parks tram system (no private vehicles). Take an easy ride around the park and get a glimpse of some amazing birds and other wildlife. Bring your own bike or rent one from the visitor's center. 4 Paved
Falcon Beginner Three miles of easy hiking/mountain-biking trails provide a complete loop around the park. 3 Trail
Lake Casa Blanca Beginner-Intermediate Four miles of beginning- to slightly intermediate-level trails take riders through beautiful and varied landscapes. 4 Trail
Resaca de la Palma Beginner Variety of biking, including a 3-mile paved loop and 8 miles of trails through diverse South Texas habitats. Biking is a great way to view birds and other wildlife in the 1,200-acre park. No private vehicles allowed past the Visitor Center. Bring your own bike or rent one from the Visitor Center. 11 Paved and Trail

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