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San Jacinto Battleground and Battleship Texas State Historic Sites holds a significant responsibility to preserve the proud history of the State of Texas and the United States. To accomplish this, a master plan has been developed to assure the future of these historic sites. As the plan is implemented, the public will see many changes in what we hope will be one of the state's premier travel destinations.

    The San Jacinto Battleground Master Plan:

    TPWD and the San Jacinto Museum of History Association, a private, not-for-profit organization operating the museum and supporting activities, have developed a master plan to assure the future of this historic site. Their vision is to:

    • Preserve the historic site's significant cultural, historical and natural resources.
    • Enhance interpretation.
    • Achieve for the San Jacinto Battleground a level of public awareness comparable to that of the Alamo as a premier historic site.
    • Provide recreational opportunities compatible with the site's commemorative purpose.
    • Provide a healthy and safe environment for visitors and staff.

    The primary purpose of this historic site is to commemorate the 1836 Battle of San Jacinto. TPWD has been charged with the responsibility to preserve and interpret the battleground. A review of the master plan overall map will provide an excellent view of the following planned activities:

    • Restore the battleground to its1836 condition (to the extent feasible).
    • Give every site element (battleground, monument, memorials, etc.) a prominent setting where conflicts with the main battleground are avoided and interpretation is enhanced.
    • Construct a new museum/visitor center and parking away from the battleground.
    • Relocate support facilities and recreational elements away from the battleground.
    • Provide more access to the water's edge with nature trails and walkways.
    • Control erosion along the water's edge.
    • Minimize vehicular traffic on the battleground.

    Marsh Restoration and Boardwalk:

    • 3-mile trail showcases tidal marshes and bottomland hardwood forest
    • 1,210-foot boardwalk at trailhead is ADA accessible

    An "Interpretive Trail Guide - Habitats of the Upper Texas Coast" is available on the website or at the site headquarters.

    The federal government is pitching in to help TPWD's efforts to restore the wetlands around the historic San Jacinto Battleground.

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