Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center

Park entrance has moved to 14140 Garrett Rd.  


Sheldon Lake State Park & Environmental Learning Center is a 2,800-acre outdoor education and recreation facility located in northeast Harris County. The park is split into two units:  Sheldon Lake can be accessed from Garrett and Pineland/Fauna roads, and the Environmental Learning Center can be accessed from Beaumont Highway. The reservoir levees encompass 1,200 acres, of which 800 are permanently inundated and 400 are marsh and swampland.

Sheldon Reservoir, located on Carpenter's Bayou, a tributary of Buffalo Bayou, was constructed in 1942 by the federal government to provide water for war industries along the Houston Ship Channel. Texas Parks and Wildlife acquired the reservoir in 1952 and designated it as the Sheldon Wildlife Management Area; it was opened in 1955. Sheldon Lake was designated a state park in 1984.

Formerly in a rural area, Sheldon Lake has survived a tremendous influx of urbanization over the past 50 years as Houston has grown. Sheldon Lake is now a green and blue oasis for wildlife and people on the edge of Texas' largest city.

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