Texas State Parks Pass

Texas State Parks PassThe Texas State Parks Pass is an annual pass that offers many special benefits. As a passholder, you and your guests can enjoy unlimited visits to more than 90 State Parks, and enter without paying the daily entrance fee (card holder and physical pass must be present). You can also receive exciting discounts on camping (restrictions apply), park store merchandise and recreational equipment rentals and be eligible for other specials.

Purchasing a Texas State Parks Pass

The single Texas State Park Pass (Primary Pass) may be purchased for $70. An additional (secondary) pass may be purchased for $25. Primary and Secondary pass holders must reside at the same address. The primary pass may be replaced, one time, for a fee of $10. Secondary passes may not be replaced.

State Parks Passes can be purchased on site at any Texas State Park location, and can be used on your very first visit. Or, you can purchase your Parks Pass from the State Park Customer Service Center, by calling (512) 389-8900. Purchases made through the Customer Service Center will be charged an additional shipping and handling fee.

Provide your e-mail address to the attendant at the time of your Parks Pass purchase and receive e-mail updates and the Monthly Getaway Planner to stay connected to park information, events, news and special focus articles!

Texas State Parks Pass Benefits

  • Waived fees to State Parks where entrance fees are collected. Entrance fees may not be collected at activity-based parks, some historic sites and parks operated under contracted agreements.
    • The primary holder and the carload of guests riding in the same, noncommercial vehicle receive unlimited visits to each park in the Texas System for a calendar year. (The pass holder must be present, and must present the park pass card and valid ID at the point of arrival)
    • If entering by boat, bicycle, or on foot, the pass holder may be accompanied by as many as five additional guests who are entering by the same means as the pass holder.
    • Parks Pass does not waive any other applicable park activity, facility, or camping fees.
    • At the point of purchase, or at a later time during the annual duration, a second person can be added to the primary pass card. When this option is taken at the point of purchase, the second holder pass is identified as the additional holder. If the second holder option is taken at any point past the initial purchase, then the standard amount is charged and this second holder option is identified as the supplementary holder. There is not a replacement option for passes purchased as a second holder option.
  • Camping Discounts- with the purchase of the primary TSPP, 4 discounted camping nights are held in the TxParks system. Discount is for 50% off the second night, when staying two or more nights in a campsite or regular screen shelter. Blackout dates apply, which vary park to park at the discretion of the Park Superintendent. Discounted camping nights are only attached to the primary pass and may only be used by the primary pass holder and expire with the annual pass. Coupons hold no cash value, are non-transferable, and are non-refundable.
  • Discounts in the State Park Store- Your park pass gives you a 10% discount on eligible retail and rental items in the Texas State Park Store! Be sure to mention your park pass when making your purchase. Stores operated by partnership agreements may not honor this discount.
  • Additional benefits:
    • Getaway planner: provide us with your e-mail address and TPWD will send you our monthly Getaway planner. This electronic publication keeps TSPP holders connected to information, events, news and special focus articles.
    • E-mail updates: by providing us with your electronic address, we can provide you with up to the minute alerts of happenings, reminders and special offers.
    • Many parks will offer special discounts for programs, events and use information.

Online Reservations

The new state parks reservation, customer care and reporting system,which processes all pass usage and all financial and business transactions while in the park.

This automated system has been implemented to provide added customer service and product/service enhancements to the visitor experience.

  • Our new system has many improved benefits, but also experiences growing pains. From time to time, this could interrupt our normal service procedures. We request your patience and understanding during these periods. We promise longer term improvements and higher satisfaction for our users. Maintaining a quality park system with a high degree of customer care is the number one goal.
  • All pass cards (entrance and activity) are issued through the system. Each card carries an individual number that corresponds to user account in TxParks. Available discounted camping nights attributed to the primary pass holder are stored in this account. No paper coupons are required.
  • Pass cards are not embossed with the holder name. Therefore a form of identification is required when redeeming your pass for waived entrance or discounts.

Texas State Parks Pass Program Definitions

  • The TSPP is designed for individual and family use. Its use was never intended to accommodate group or commercial use and therefore rules are developed understanding that the TSPP is individual/Family focuses.
    • An additional user option is available at the time of purchase to an individual residing in the same household as the primary holder; however, if the address is not the same, we are unable to issue a TSPP to a second holder.
    • A second holder need that arises after the initial point of purchase will be honored provided that the primary holder did not purchase the second holder option at the point of sale. A second holder option purchased anytime after the original transaction is identified as a “supplementary pass” in the TxParks system and can be acquired at the regular, slightly higher price.
    • In either option, the second holder pass, although issued with a different pass number will always be related to the primary TSPP and does not receive the same discount benefits attributed to the primary holder pass. We will honor the waived entrance fees and 10% discounts on retail and rental purchases in our system-managed Park Stores. This second holder pass may not be replaced.
    • The primary TSPP may be replaced only one time only during the duration of the calendar year.
    • The TSPP is non-transferable, and TPWD is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen passes. The primary pass may be replaced on a one-time basis for a fee.

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