Game Warden Chaplaincy Program

For over 100 Years, Texas Game Wardens have exemplified passion, dedication, and commitment to protecting the natural
resources of Texas. As fully commissioned State Peace Officers, Texas Game Wardens not only enforce fishing, hunting, and water safety laws; they also apprehend dangerous criminals and provide valuable public safety to the people of Texas. Game Wardens often lead in search and rescue operations across the State and are at the front lines of the State’s border security initiatives and environmental law enforcement. Texas Game Wardens are responsible for enforcement of the Parks and Wildlife Code, all TPWD regulations, the Texas Penal Code and selected statutes and regulations applicable to clean air and water, hazardous materials and human health. Game Wardens fulfill these responsibilities through educating the public about various laws and regulations, preventing violations by conducting high visibility patrols, and apprehending and arresting violators.

The Law Enforcement Division employs approximately 532 Game Wardens throughout the state, and operates 28 field offices that sell licenses, register boats, and provide the public with local information across the state. Texas Game Wardens operate a fleet of over 500 patrol, tactical, and rescue vessels. Furthermore, Texas Game Wardens engage with and educate the public through extensive outreach programs.

Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Law Enforcement Division recognizes the harmful effects of stress associated with critical incidents that our Game Wardens respond to. Everyone probably has or will experience critical incident stress in their lifetime; it is an inevitable reality of the Game Warden’s work due to the nature of his / her job responsibilities. It is with great pleasure that we announce the creation of a Game Warden Chaplaincy Program by which we can not only serve our Game Warden, Texas Parks and Wildlife staff and their families but also the great citizens of the state in their darkest hours. Texas Game Wardens cover the far corners of the state and all the places in between and therefore in order to serve this diverse and ubiquitous organization we are seeking an appointment of a Lead Chaplain and several volunteer Regional Chaplains from across the state. The mission of this all-encompassing program is to minimize the effects of job-related or personal stress and enhance the functioning of employees which are the Department’s most valuable resource.

Currently Texas Parks and Wildlife Department will be accepting applications for those interested in seeking the appointment as the State’s Lead Chaplain. Applicants should submit the necessary paperwork before the close of business on March 25th, 2016. Completed packets may be emailed to Question may be directed to Asst. Commander Cody Jones at (512) 389-4624 or the email listed previously.

For more information, also check our volunteer information website, which includes a functional job description and application form. They are also available here.