Game Bird Habitat Enhancement Grants


Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has $150,000 of Upland Game Bird Stamp funds available for bobwhite quail habitat projects and $100,000 of Migratory Game Bird Stamp funds available for migratory game bird habitat projects for fiscal year 2015 (FY15).  Applications will be accepted until April 7, 2014. Any contracts resulting from this process cannot be extended beyond August 31, 2015.  All projects must be completed and invoices submitted to TPWD contracting no later than 60 days after termination of the contract. This process is for Habitat Proposals only.  Submission of research projects has a separate timeline and those guidelines and Call for Proposals (CFP) will be available after September 1, 2014 on the Willdlife Research Goals and Status page.

TPWD has prioritized funds to develop habitat enhancement projects for both migratory game birds and bobwhite quail. This Call for Proposals (CFP) for Upland Game Bird Stamp funds (UGBSF) and Migratory Game Bird Stamp funds (MGBSF) may be used only for management, and/or development of game bird habitats. These funds are  intended to sponsor smaller-scale habitat projects designed to restore, manage, and conserve prairie, savannah, wetlands, and riparian habitats with the express purpose of benefiting northern bobwhite quail and migratory game birds. Further details on the application process can be found by clicking here (PDF).

Call for Proposals

    Migratory Game Bird Request for Proposals  
    Upland Game Bird Request for Proposals

TPWD will post CFPs on the agency's website by February 3, 2014. Applicants are encouraged to contact local TPWD biologists or Small Game Program staff to discuss proposals. All proposals must identify a TPWD sponsor biologist who has contributed to the development of the project proposal.  TPWD recommends project initiators complete a pre-proposal meeting with TPWD regional or program staff prior to proposal submittal.  In the absence of a formal CFP, applicants are encouraged to use the Game Bird Strategic Plans to guide proposal development (Upland and Waterfowl). Deadline for submission of proposals is 5:00 p.m. central time, April 7, 2014.  Projects awarded funding may not begin the project delivery process until the beginning of FY 15 (September 1, 2014 August 31, 2015). TPWD will contact successful applicants in June.

TPWD anticipates that successful proposals during this cycle will have funds available through August 31, 2015. Total funds available will determine the number and/or size of grants awarded during for FY15.  If funds are insufficient to fully support the highest ranked proposal, the applicant will be provided an opportunity to revise the proposed budget.  If the revised budget does not match the available funds, consideration will be given to the next highest-ranked proposal.

Habitat proposals are encouraged from non-government organizations, governmental agencies outside of TPWD (city, county, state, or federal), and higher education institutions. Applicants must be in good standing with the Texas Comptroller and TPWD Accounting regarding business and contracting practices. Applicants that are delinquent or deficient in providing deliverables or an approved final report from any previously awarded contract are not eligible for consideration. TPWD has statutory, fiduciary, and ethical responsibilities to the people of the State of Texas for efficient use of limited public resources. The requirements in these guidelines must be consistent with relevant laws, policies, and customary accounting procedures.

Proposals submitted on or prior to the April 7, 2014 deadline will undergo a TPWD internal review process. Small Game Program staff and the TPWD Game Bird Technical Committees will ensure each proposal meets the minimum criteria, has technical merit, and rank all proposals. Applicants with missing or incomplete information or proposals outside of the scope of the CFPs may be provided an opportunity to revise their proposals.

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