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Annular Eclipse Viewing

10:00a to 12:00p
Sat, October 14, 2023
Candyce Johnson
(325) 267-4871

Join us for this spectacle in the sky!

On Oct. 14, 2023, an annular solar eclipse will cross North and South America. An annular solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth, but while the Moon is at its farthest point from Earth. Because the Moon is farther away from Earth, it appears smaller and does not block the entire face of the Sun. As a result, the Moon appears like a dark disk on top of a larger, bright disk. This creates what looks like a ring around the Moon, leading some to call it a “ring of fire” eclipse.

85% of the sun will be blocked from our location!

Entrance to the park will be free. We will have solar glasses for sale.

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